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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 14, 2001 10:00 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> I realize that you may have difficulty understanding this, but there is
> a difference between attacking military targets of people trying to
> destroy you, and attacking innocent civilians from a country doing you
> no harm. Laden, among others, were among a population in Afghanistan
> being systematically poisoned (literally) by the Soviet Union. They
> begged the United States for help, and the United States gave them
> weapons and training to stop the Soviet's illegal weapons. Not to blow
> up buildings occupied by innocent civilians.
> Bart Lidofsky

What? Where did I say that I don't know the difference between attacking
civilians or soldiers?
On the contrary I wished just to express this as the US Army always attacked
and attacks civilians, including their own ("friendly fire" in
Jewish-Masonic parlance).
This was so in with the Yankees in the American Civil War, in WW I, in WW
II, in Vietnam, in the Gulf war, in Palestine and in Ex-Yugoslavia.
It is always the people who are suffering and never the background powers.
The reason why the WTC was attacked was that some thing that the background
powers who are responsible for the wars between nations for more and more
profit and golden luxury had there seat there. It may be wrong, but it is
believed by many who fear that one country after another is attacked by
financial tricks or open violence when they don't allow the "American way of
life" (social Darwinism, hypocrisy, attacking the weaker ones), called
democracy and freedom in Jewish-Masonic parlance in their own lands.
During WW II Hitler was the chosen monster. But since 1945 the USA initiated
over 200 wars in the whole world to make the world "save for democracy" as
this pervert gangster Roosevelt once said and is hold in high regards by
many Americans even today. 200 wars since 1945 - and all without Hitler.
It seems that in modern times never before existed a country which produced
so much terror, hate and ignorance.
Around 100 millions Red Indians were slaughtered by the US, around 20
millions Africans were hanged on US trees, 120 millions in the Soviet system
which was invented and played from NY Wall Street. 30 millions victims in WW
I, 60 millions victims in WW II. Several more millions during all conflicts
USrael produces since 1945 to force all independent nations to accept by
free will the hidden control by the Wall Street.
Now the US is preparing for WW III. Are not around 500 millions of the last
conflicts not enough?

No, of course not. HPB said: "There is the danger of black magic, into which
all the world, and especially America, is rushing as fast as it can go." -
quoted from Sylvia Cranston's bio., 3rd ed., p. 331.

So all my sympathy goes to the victims and to the American people, but not
to the forces who took over the USA in 1913 and who try to enslave the whole
world on all costs. The TS was founded for Universal Brotherhood and not for
the tyranny of a single Brotherhood. Live and let live. Do not force foreign
cultures to have McDonalds if they do not want to have McDonalds. Respect
that other people have other ideals and that not for all people money is
highest God.

If you really believe that Laden is able to train in a military sense
fighting pilots with a knowledge no civil pilot can have than you are
invited to believe all what your exoteric leaders tell the public. To me it
is Hollywood propaganda.

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