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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 13, 2001 08:14 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

There is no religious or policital reason that justifies mass murdering.
But violence is not limited to the physical plane alone.
There is psychical violence, too, and mental violence, although not so quick
to see.

It seems that a mumbo is found now, as always. Strange that this Mr Laden
was according to newspaper reports a former CIA coworker. It seems that the
US military always produces its own enemies, like before with Pearl Harbor,
Gaddafi, Milosevic, Saddam Hussein. Or note the recent hoax with NATO's
action in the Cosovo named "Essential Harvest" were they gather the old
weapons they sold them before and to make place - for new weapons and new
The background powers call this "free market", "democracy" and "free trade".
But was the people ever asked?
The law of the background powers is "eye for an eye, teeth for a teeth",
therefore it should be worth to remember what Annie Besant said 1893 in
Chicago on the First Parliament of the World Religions, were the TS played a
big role:

"...For out of spiritual pride and spiritual selfishness grew the
degradation of India, until she who once led the world was no longer able to
stand the front. But the India of the past - Ah, that was different! When
her Gods came down as Avatars, and her Rishis made the grandest literature
that has grown up in the past or present, so that our nations have been
inspired by it - that literature written in the language of the Gods. They
who trained their people and led them step by step along the path of
knowledge, when the Brahmins were those whose bodies were fit dwelling for
the most highly evolved souls, and even the name of Brahmin meant spiritual
teacher, and therefore the rightful guide and instructor of men. That is
what a nation may be when a spiritual ideal is supreme, and the working out
of this by the nation makes bodies that are able to answer to the most
delicate vibrations of the highest of souls.

Shall that be the ideal of your American nation, or will you turn aside to
your Western thought? Will you have your material wealth, will you take gold
instead of wisdom, and mere material triumph instead of the knowledge of the
soul? You may do it as you will, for every nation's fate is in its own
hands. Yours the choice, and none other can choose for you what the future
of the American nation shall be. Shall it be material? Is it the material
that you need? Rather lesssen your material energies. Spend less time in the
body, more time in the soul. Give less thought to the acquirement of
position and of wealth, more thought to the growth of the Spirit and the
evolution of the purely human within you, and then even greater than the
nations of the past the nations of the future may be, - nobler even than the
realities of the past the realities of the future shall become; and if you
would have the treasure you must pay the price, and the price is the
recognition of the supremacy of the spirit, and the utterly inferior and
transitory nature of that body of which we make so much."

- Report..., p. 120.

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