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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 11, 2001 11:47 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 09/11/01 9:07:05 PM, writes:

>Is everybody from NYC on the list alive and well?
>Peace all

As for myself, I'll just snd you all a copy of the letter I sent to my 
personal list tonight.

After the horrendous experience the NYC went through today, I thought I'd let 
you all (my family, friends, and joke list) know that I'm okay, and that 
uptown NY (above Canal street) is as peaceful and as calm as it ever can 
be... Since, the weather is perfect, the traffic is nil, all the bridge and 
tunnels are closed, the streets are empty, the city is almost completely 
isolated, Central Park is no different that it's ever been (although many 
more people are there than on a normal weekday, as it's a good place to 
escape from the city's problems and to rap about the scene). 

Although most retail stores and theaters are closed, food is plentiful. 
Luckily for us uptowners, the wind has been southeast all day and the only 
areas that are smoked out are the wall Street Area of lower Manhattan, mid 
Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Sorry for those rescue workers and other 
escapees that have to breathe that cancer causing stuff in the air downtown 
-- since the World Trade Center was built before the anti asbestos laws were 

All the rest you can see and hear on radio and TV (which is the way all of us 
living here know about what's happened, and still happening) -- so I wont go 
into the details of the downtown crisis or the political response. All, I 
can say is, things are going to be much different in this country after the 
rubble is cleared, and I feel the tension, fear and anger already building 
up... As it did after (I also slept through) Pearl Harbor and found us in the 
midst of war the next day -- which changed my whole life. Who knows what 
this horror will lead to? Hopefully, not the long anticipated WW 3... 

But, killing and maiming many thousands of innocent sitting duck civilians to 
make a political point by unknown religious fanatic terrorists, is far worse 
than a sneak attack by a known military force against a few thousand military 
personnel and other strategic targets. I can already smell the anger and 
resentment in the air that will justify Washington's heavy handed response 
against Muslim countries that might lead to a world conflagration -- since 
their terrorists will think nothing about dropping one of their A-bombs on a 
major European city, as NATO is the real target, and they've already done the 
worst they can do to the US. But, it's all up to the ruling powers that be, 
and we can't do much about it but wait and see. So, no use worrying about 
it. And, keep on smiling. :-)


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