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Re: Theos-World some artists and Theosophy

Sep 14, 2001 03:58 AM
by teos9

In a message dated 9/13/2001 8:15:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Two people wrote this week with almost the same
> question regarding artists and Theosophy. I'm
> not familiar enough to offer either an answer.
> Does someone know the answer to these questions?
> >Which of the following was not a follower of theosophy?
> >
> >a) Joseph Beuys
> >b) Kazimir Malevich
> >c) Marcel Broodthaers
> >d) Wassily Kandinsky
> >e) Piet Mondrian
> >Do either of the following consider themselves followers of 
> theosophy?
> >Joseph Beuys
> >Marcel Broodthaers
> -- Eldon Tucker

Hi Eldon,

Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian are two well known artists that treated 
theosophical themes in their work. I do not know anything about the other 
three. Sorry.


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