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Re: theosophical artists.

Sep 14, 2001 05:53 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Eldon,

I got the first question in my mailbox as well. The
question is frased stupidly enough to raise my eyebrows,
but well my answer was about as follows:
I know only about the last two. Piet Mondrian (one of our
famous dutch-men) read the Secret Doctrine and was a member
of the TS-Adyar his whole life. (though not active). I'll
ask the dutch list for details. 

Kandinsky was certainly spiritually inspired and was part
of the movement that used theosophy/spirituality as an
artistic inspiration. But whether he was a theosophist, or
read theosophical books - I don't remember. 

> From: "Eldon B Tucker" <>
> Subject: some artists and Theosophy
> Two people wrote this week with almost the same
> question regarding artists and Theosophy. I'm
> not familiar enough to offer either an answer.
> Does someone know the answer to these questions?
> >Which of the following was not a follower of theosophy?
> >
> >a) Joseph Beuys
> >b) Kazimir Malevich
> >c) Marcel Broodthaers
> >d) Wassily Kandinsky
> >e) Piet Mondrian
> >Do either of the following consider themselves followers
> of 
> theosophy?
> >Joseph Beuys
> >Marcel Broodthaers

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