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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 14, 2001 09:38 PM
by Pendragon

Not much can be added to the words of wisdom from

Everything is Action, Karma, and the result of Action in this seven-fold
world. Says Goethe: "Am Anfang war die Tat!" (In the beginning there was
Action!). The "Christian" type of prayer is pernicious----the opposite of
will-prayer that was suggested and even demanded in Key to
Theosophy-----mere abject begging, the very antithesis of occultism or true
religion. You cannot get in touch with the god within by such creeping.

The present campaign for revenge will create more dreadful Karma. And behind
this all, as HPB predicted, lurks naught but the infernal spirit of
trade-----Mammon in us all.... That the enemy is us is a given----for who
else but that which in Egypt was termed Ka----the lower
self---devil---Mammon!, as Yehoshua Ben Pandira called it in Ancient
Palestine----can truly try to hurt Manas, that drop from the ocean of the
Universal Mind or Soul that ever brings to birth the divine child,
Hermes-Buddhi? It is always our own deeds that come back upon us to haunt
and harrass and accuse us and speak judgement over us, and that sentence
will not get any lighter if we rebel against it by added new bloodshed of
unforseeable consequences that we bring upon the world, with the "blessing
of our allies" or without.... But, the prophet, as ever, will be muted by
silence, by ignoring the Menetekel she so vividly tried to make us never
forget----and even we ourselves cannot hear anymore what she has said,
having drowned her spirit in an ocean of intellectualism, speculation, and
cant... "Close the book and think", as WQJ----"A part of myself since
eons"-----told us in "Letters That Have Helped Me". For-----"knowledge comes
first in dreams and visons"----not from television and politicians who try
to create hate, and call for revenge... Has not Mahatma Gandhi termed it the
most essential part of Satyagraha that, if needs be, we give our own lives
to protect the lives of those who attack us? Has not Buddha demanded to
increase love in our hearts the more we are being attacked, that we may be
fed daily on the fruits of injustice and misunderstanding? Has not Yehoshua
demanded to turn the other cheek to those who hit us, and "throw" bread at
those who stone us? Where is that Love thy neighbor as thyself----in
"Christian" America today? Sancta simplicitas, Geduld verlaß mich nicht! But
if we had divested ourselves of all spirituality, and are steeped knee-deep
in the intellectualism of Kali Yuga, have we never heard at least of that
truth: Tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner?


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Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 3:22 PM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: what should we do now?

If all that we see happening are effects of something that happened
sometime back in the astral light, then it may be that the best thing we can
do is set up new causes. Since prayer as known in the West kills
self-reliance, then it might be useful go out and help someone in need in
the circle where you live. If that "where you live" phrase is in Manhattan
then there's obvious work to do. If it is in Kabul or the Gaza strip there
is obvious work. Sometime rolling over in one's head past events helps
remind one of errors not to be a party to. For example, shortly after Pearl
Harbor we put all our Japanese citizens in internment camps and confiscated
their property ---this include young, old, rich, poor, ----everyone.

Mind you, these were citizens ---many quite willing to fight for the

Hatred and anger know few boundaries, but the SELF-MOVING UNIT they cannot

"When Parasara, whose father was devoured by a Rakshasa, was preparing
himself to destroy (magically) the whole race, his grandsire, Vasishta, says
a few extremely suggestive words to him. He shows the irate Sage, on his
own confession, that there is Evil and Karma, but no "evil spirits." "Let
thy wrath be appeased," he says. "The Rakshasas are not culpable; thy
father's death was the work of Karma. Anger is the passion of fools; it
becometh not a wise man. By whom it may be asked, is any one killed? Every
man reaps the consequences of his own acts. Anger, my son, is the
destruction of all that man obtains . . . and prevents the attainment of
emancipation. The sages shun wrath. Be not thou, my child, subject to its
influence. " (S.D.I, 415-56)

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Subject: Re: Theos-World US Karma

since 1945 the USA initiated
over 200 wars in the whole world to make the world "save for democracy" as
this pervert gangster Roosevelt once said and is hold in high regards by
many Americans even today. 200 wars since 1945 - and all without Hitler.
It seems that in modern times never before existed a country which produced
so much terror, hate and ignorance.
Around 100 millions Red Indians were slaughtered by the US, around 20
millions Africans were hanged on US trees, 120 millions in the Soviet
which was invented and played from NY Wall Street. 30 millions victims in
I, 60 millions victims in WW II. Several more millions during all
........since 1945 to force all independent nations to accept by
free will the hidden control by the Wall Street.

Now the US is preparing for WW III. Are not around 500 millions of the last
conflicts not enough?

No, of course not. HPB said: "There is the danger of black magic, into
all the world, and especially America, is rushing as fast as it can go." -
quoted from Sylvia Cranston's bio., 3rd ed., p. 331.

So all my sympathy goes to the victims and to the American people, but not
to the forces who took over the USA in 1913 and who try to enslave the
world on all costs. The TS was founded for Universal Brotherhood and not
the tyranny of a single Brotherhood. Live and let live. Do not force
cultures to have McDonalds if they do not want to have McDonalds. Respect
that other people have other ideals and that not for all people money is
highest God.

If you really believe that Laden is able to train in a military sense
fighting pilots with a knowledge no civil pilot can have than you are
invited to believe all what your exoteric leaders tell the public. To me it
is Hollywood propaganda.

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