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RE: what should we do now? AHIMSA ? NON-VIOLENCE

Sep 15, 2001 01:48 PM
by dalval14

September 14, 2002

Dear Friend:

Ahimsa or non-violence is a basic approach to theosophical psychology
applied as brotherhood.

But it may be necessary to be able to say why Brotherhood is a fact in
nature, and THEREFORE non-violence is essential. The question is whether we
can strongly determine for ourselves if non-violence is based on essential
unity and the pre-existing IMMORTALITY OF THE SPIRIT SOUL that is innate to
each human as well as to all other beings.

If we go back in metaphysics to the concept that in the period of
NON-MANIFESTATION we are all ONE WHOLE, then we may say that in
MANIFESTATION we (as Individual Monads) become apparently “separate” onthe
material and physical plane (while remaining ALWAYS totally UNITED on the

We have to remember all the time, that WE -- the REAL HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, is
an Immortal, and is continually working with all Monads “of lesser
experience” that come to it under Karma, so as to assist them to
individually rise to the level it has already achieved. [ You will find
this hinted at in SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I pp. 57-575. ]


It should be apparent that killing or torturing the body presently used by
any one of these MONADS is a very evil thing. Wars, murders, torture are
utter perversions of the universal LAW of NATURE which is that all beings
all MONADS deserve to achieve a complete knowledge of the UNIVERSE in as
short a time as possible. Anything that delays or distorts this is a
terrible generator of “bad karma.” The Great Buddha said:

“Cease from evil.

“Do good.

“Follow the Noble eight-fold PATH.

“This leads to Sorrow’s ceasing.”

Jesus said:

“Turn then other cheek.”

“Give to him who steals.”

Because of residual Karma (from our many embodiments) in an earlier
MANVANTARA ( or period of evolution) we have outstanding debts (of good and
evil results) to settle. These residual karmic links are from the partial
work that was done then, with those “Monads of lesser experience.” The
“balancing” is essentially: to restore harmony where we have been the
disturbing factors.

The work of bringing the Monads we are entrusted with, up to the “stature,
nature and power of conscious God-hood” remains to be done in this life and
succeeding ones, and this may extend to succeeding Manvantaras.

Hence the new manifestation that we are all presently involved in, (which is
analogous to our “After-Death-States” ) is the result of the total of all
individual Karma. Taken as a whole this makes the KARMA of a world or a

This is because each distinct and INDIVIDUAL MONAD has to achieve through
experience and free-choice, the wisdom of seeing that we are all basically
brothers, and have no business (or responsibility) to dictate, or attempt
to impose our views on any other MONAD/INTELLIGENCE.

Teaching consists in exposing ideas to others, but we have to leave them the
freedom to adopt them and use them without any coercion whatsoever.
Coercion is violence. The “elder” and the “Wiser” has not good reason to
impose their disciplines and views on others. But they need to be brought to
a point where they can perceive the logic of using them independently. The
LAW can be “preached.” The use and application of the LAW has to be left in
the hands of the pupils. They have voluntarily adopt disciplines to be
applied to their “lower nature “ (Kama), so as to spiritualize, transform,
and regenerate it.

In our present incarnation we are brought up as members of distinct races or
cultures with a personalized religion that pretends to tell us what is real
or unreal -- what is universally TRUE or false. We are rarely encouraged
as Theosophy does) to investigate and prove these teachings to be right or
wrong. Yet this individual proof is essential to our real progress.

When we look at our lives and those of others impartially, we see these
similarities and differences. We have to learn to discriminate between the
TRUE and the FALSE. This is our present responsibilities as mind-humans.
The touchstone to use is an impartial and impersonal knowledge of the LAWS
of EVOLUTION. Only our own devotion leads us to this task. It is always

If we look back in history for evidences of this, we encounter Jesus’
teachings (as given in the SERMON ON THE MOUNT -- and then, being
impartially curious, we wonder how it happens that the world-wide Christian
faiths do not practice what Jesus taught, but often quite the opposite.

We consider Gandhi and his creed and practice of non-violence in India and
its untimely stop with the murdering bullet of a Hindu fanatic.

But there is so much that we can say to ourselves about this, and these few
words are only some Ideas I have culled from Theosophical sources.

Best wishes,



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Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 5:31 PM
Subject: What should we do now? AHIMSA -- NON-VIOLENCE ?

Ahimsa means nonviolence in essence & something we should all keep in mind.
The demonstration of respect and love towards those whom we may disagree
with is often more helpful than displaying negativity towards those we do
not understand or disagree with albeit it aint easy at times !

Blessing to all in this wonderful group in this period of deep tragedy in
the Nation & love and gratitude towards the Great White Brotherhood and
other Loving Cosmic beings ! Horrible as things were, without their help
things may have been much worse on Tuesday !
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