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On praying...

Sep 15, 2001 09:00 AM
by DNisk98114

Prayers are the "hospitals" of the souls suffering from the "Dis-ease of 
the(divine) Will".
The masters , i believe, have "founded" those hospitals and are part of the 
"staff" of those establishments.Therefore it is not "bad" to pray only 
realize that one needs the "treatment" of that institution for the sake of 
healing only.
No one wants to remain in a hospital forever.What need of prayer does one 
think the masters have?
"Creeds are a dis-ease of the mind".
Our current psychology is a pup tent (mash) hospital for those suffering from 
We haven't even begun to build a full fledge hospital in this day and age 
that can deal with "creeds" outworn and current among us.
Possibly , meditation is a great boost for this in providing for a strong 
foundation for any future structure.
One doesn't know but Theosophy seems to state this in many and various ways.
We can all add something i believe.

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