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Theos-World Judge side-issues

Apr 24, 2000 11:27 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

[Barrett W. Culmback:]

1.  this matter of historical Theosophical 'personalities,'
 'chosen' or otherwise, is a side-issue.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Nothing could be more wrong like that. The teacher cannot and must not
separated from the teachings. Both are a unity. The Masters worked always
with individuals, never with organizations.
I have never met a Theosophist who was an expert in the tenets and teachings
(Technical theosophy) and has had no or little knowledge about the
personalities of our messengers.
In turn I have met many Theosophists who were very familiar who Blavatsky,
Judge, Tingley, de Purucker were, what their aims and duties were and those
fellow students has had enlightening insights in the depths of the esoteric
Everyone who says: Look at the teachings, but forget the personalities, is
from the dark side.


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