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Theos-World Re: To Frank Reitemeyer

Apr 24, 2000 11:27 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Dear "Moderator",
thank you for giving me an explanation why my email about Judge was
I want like to inform you that Mr Reed Carson on 04-16 wrote to me the
following (quoted full and verbatim):

"Dear Frank,
Your comments on Katherine Tingley are way off the current topic now.  So
they were rejected at Bnstudy.

You see now, that you are misinformed.
I am aware now that BN like ULT is limited to Blavatsky and Judge and for
that reason you censored my emails about Judge. Does that mean that Judge is
in the Judge-sense not only Judge? Poor Judge, you are abused and violated
so much by BN and ULT. Both HPB and Judge never wanted a bigot sect which
limits the Ancient Wisdom only to them.
Before and after them there were other messengers too.
They stayed always for freedom and criticism, not for cover-ups, bigotry and
lies. So ULT and BN can never be a model for the future of the Theosophical
movement. It is until now a cancerous tumor, Anti-Blavatsky and Anti-Judge,
against their letter and their spirit.
And so long as you follow the ill ULT ideology which is 180 degrees against
Blavatsky and Judge I see no reason why I should re-subscribe your
brainwashing lists.
But one thing I can promise: From that day on when your policy and doings
are based on the freedom Blavatsky and the other messengers of the Masters
(Judge, Tingley, de Purucker) and the original Theosophy has a voice within
your ranks, I'll return immediately, but not before.

"Criticism is the sole salvation from intellectual stagnation." - HPB,
Collected Writings, XIII:244.

> Dear Frank,
> BnBasic would like you to know in more detail why your post about
> Katherine Tingley and WQ Judge was rejected. You were addressing a
> topic that was being discussed on BnStudy, not BnBasic. These are
> two separate lists, although both belong to Blavatsky Net. We did not
> think it appropriate to approve a message on one list that belonged to
> another. Blavatsky Net does not have any policy regarding other
> Theosophical writers besides HPB and WQ Judge aside from the
> central fact that these two lists are devoted to the study of HPB and
> WQJ and do not include study of other writers. We do not wish for
> anyone to feel unwelcome, and invite you to participate if you want to,
> as long as we can stick to our declared subject.
> Adelasie
> Moderator, BnBasic

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