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Re: Theos-World RE: DTB = F ? Re: Joe and Dallas on Mrs. Katherine Tingley and her relationship to William Q. Judge

Apr 24, 2000 11:27 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

[Peter Marriot:]

> Dear Frank,
> I can understand it is frustrating to have a mail rejected by a discussion
> list when you feel you have something important to say.   But it is quite

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Another lie from ULT. I never protested for the reason that I have something
important to say.
I protested that on the list a close co-worker of Judge was persecuted with
the old, untrue ULT-slanders.
My protest was censored, although Reed Carson claims to follow Judge.

On 04-17 I wrote to theos-talk:
>Thank you for info how to remove from the list what I do now.
>I think you say not the truth.
>I believe you are limited to your sectarian interests.
>ULT members on your list is allowed to persecute a direct messenger from
>Masters and every factual argumentation against that slanders are
>You have no right to make use of the name Blavatsky.

[Peter Marriot:]

> wrong to suggest on this basis that Blavatsky Net, or Reed, is
> anti-Blavatksy.  This simply does not fit with the facts.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]

The policy of Reed Carson and ULT in general is Anti-Blavatsky and
Anti-Judge. Both great Theosophists never would have allowed that a
slandered person can't be defended. So ULT, Reed Carson and BN are anti.
They make wrong claims, they are twisting facts, they are lying and that is
not theosophical.

[Peter Marriot:]

> The primary aim of bn-basic where you sent your post (the discussion list
> Blavatsky Net), is to study the actual teachings giving out by

[Frank Reitemeyer:]

Another ULT-style lie. My protest was not rejected from bn-basic, but from
On 04-16 Mr Reed Carson wrote the following email to me which I give her

>Dear Frank,
>Your comments on Katherine Tingley are way off the current topic now.  So
>they were rejected at Bnstudy.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]

Perhaps some are satisfied with this ULT-policy. I was thinking that USA is
a FREE country.
What I now see - not alone the rejection of an accurate and mild protest,
but the many lies from ULT that followed after that - is so scandalous, that
I get the impression ULT teaches only itsself and not the Theosophy of


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