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Re: Theos-World RE: Re: DTB = F ? Re: Joe and Dallas on KT/WQJ relations, ULT, Thy. History, B-Net

Apr 24, 2000 11:26 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

[Dallas TenBroeck:]
Dear Frank:

Since you mention my name I try to give an answer, which as I see
it, ought to set the record straight and clear.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Where I mention your name? Dallas, please remind that it was you who asked
me several times for the source that Katherine Tingley was a close and
trusted co-worker of Judge and was accepted by his pupils including
ULT-founder Robert Crosbie as his successor. Of course I gave you the
requested information. That's all.

[Dallas TenBroeck:]
1.  Blavatsky.Net is not connected with the ULT.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Yes, but by chance Reed Carson, Dallas TenBroeck and other leading figures
(sorry, the ULT has no leaders!) are ULT-people and BN limits like ULT only
to Blavatsky and Judge. Therefore both ULT and BN are Anti-Blavatsky and
Anti-Judge as both HPB and WQJ would have never allowed such limited
sectarian policy.
The more as my email to bn-study was rejected by Reed Carson because I dealt
with a co-worker of Judge.
The truth is that ULT (founded 1909 as an offshot of the Point Loma TS)
until today persecutes Katherine Tingley and tries to twist the historical
facts. Very strange for people who claim the search for truth.

[Dallas TenBroeck:]
 2.  Mr.  Reed Carson owns and conducts it according to the
policies he determines.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Yes, and by chance this policy is the ill ULT ideology: Blavatsky and Judge
are the heroes and before her and after him there never again were
messengers of the Masters. What a strange chance that Reed Carson follows
the same ideology, although he is independent. Blavatsky and Judge never
taught or believed such poppycock.
It turns out now that BN is nothing else as a cover-organization.
The "moderators" are all from ULT, only ULT ideology is allowed, not even
free speaking of Judge is allowed, instead there are a mass of
self-referencing quotes between the ULT-people from the background.
That smacks more than Nazi style than the freedom HPB and WQJ has had in
Dallas, the kind you twist the facts here are remarkable.

[Dallas TenBroeck:]
 3.  ULT is an association of volunteers established in 1909,
 which exists for only one purpose:

 To promulgate the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS of Theosophy as recorded
 in the writings of H.P.Blavatsky and Wm. Q. Judge.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Funny to see that you ever find a way to irrigate us with such commercials.
And why do you write "original teachings" in caps? Since when the ULT is
doing that? Your DECLARATIONS here are of no worth - By their fruits you
shall now them...
>From a psychological point of view your remark is interesting: I protest
against censorship on BN (ULT) as opposed to the spirit of Blavatsky and
Judge and you cite your ULT declarations!
That is if someone protests against the surpression of human rights in Cuba
and you quote from a 6 hour radio speech of Fidel Castro to proof that the
communist society in Cuba is the most free in the world.

[Dallas TenBroeck:]
In order to do this it

 1.  reprints either photographically or verbatim the text of the
 original books and articles written by these two personages.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Recent discussions proofed that most ULT books are "improved" and not
verbatim reprints.

[Dallas TenBroeck:]
2.  It provides a forum where these can be discussed.

[Frank Reitemeyer:]
Ha! And why my mild explanation about Judge and KT was rejected by Reed
Reminds me of Benjamin Franklin who said: I invite you to speek freely about
whatever you want - as long as it is my own opinion!
ULT = Unkind Libelous Tele-Tubbies!

[Rest of the stupid ULT commericals SNIPPED for health purposes]

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