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RE: Theos-World RE: DTB = F ? Re: Joe and Dallas on Mrs. Katherine Tingley and her relationship to William Q. Judge

Apr 22, 2000 06:05 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Frank,

I can understand it is frustrating to have a mail rejected by a discussion
list when you feel you have something important to say.   But it is quite
wrong to suggest on this basis that Blavatsky Net, or Reed, is
anti-Blavatksy.  This simply does not fit with the facts.

The primary aim of bn-basic where you sent your post (the discussion list on
Blavatsky Net), is to study the actual teachings giving out by
H.P.Blavatsky.   Because it aims at a focused study of HPB's writings and is
not a general discussion forum on Theosophy, it does require a Moderator to
ensure that its aim is met and not thwarted by those who wish to discuss a
whole variety of issues.  Not that these other issues aren't important, of
course, and fortunately there are plenty of other good forums in which they
can be discussed, like this one, for example.

Probably, BN as erred momentarily on the side of allowing historical
material to be posted which become the focus for a while, and this has
stirred all kinds of different loyalties and provoked 101 different views
that want to be expressed about the various persons involved in the Past.
But I think this has been acknowledged and corrected by those behind the

Personally, I like the idea that there is a forum devoted solely to the
Teachings themselves, and is willing to ensure that this focus is
maintained.  Hopefully joining together to study these 'Fundamentals' will
go some way to transcend the various divided loyalties that exist in the
Thesophical Movement.  I know that Reed and all those behind the scenes at
BN genuinely and sincerely want to offer this opportunity for *Theosophical
Study* to as many people as possible - not just to 'older' students, but to
new comers seeking to understand the underlying principles and foundations
of the WISDOM RELIGION.  The fact that this study group attracts hundreds of
people from all over the world is a measure of its success and confirmation
that its aim is worthwhile.  I have certainly benefitted from exploring
specific aspects of the Teachings with fellow students from around our

I also glad these other forums exist where discussion on any topic is
allowed.  Both have there strengths and weaknesses I would say.  And of
course, the people who make up these groups, people like you and me, are
quite fallible.

Best wishes to you,


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> The problems with the Anti-Blavatsky-Net of Reed Carson is that they allow
> that direct messengers of the Masters can be persecuted with foolish lies
> and the defense is not allowed on equal conditions.
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