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Re: Theos-World RE: DTB = F ? Re: Joe and Dallas on Mrs. Katherine Tingley and her relationship to William Q. Judge

Apr 21, 2000 04:04 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

The problems with the Anti-Blavatsky-Net of Reed Carson is that they allow
that direct messengers of the Masters can be persecuted with foolish lies
and the defense is not allowed on equal conditions. The TRUE reason is that
the defense and the truth of Katherine Tingley (she was appointed by Judge
and recognized upon her occult status by all the close pupils of Judge,
including later ULT founder Crosbie) is obviously against the limited and
sectarian and therefor un-theosophical policy of the ULT. It is not
necessary that ULT accepts Katherine Tingley is they need a bugaboo to
justify Crosbie's actions even a Century later. But as a discussion list
which bears the good name of HPB they must allow an open discussion.
As Reed rejected my pertinent and reserved defense of KT I decided to
unsubscribe from all lists of this net.
Not that I have personell feelings, but as this slanderous action is in my
humble opinion a violation against the pukka Theosophy as HPB, the Masters,
Judge, Tingley or de Purucker brought us.

> >What a luck that teh UNCENSORED theos-talk still exists.
> >
> All credit goes to Eldon - the owner of the list.
> Censored lists don't succeed in the Internet world.
> Theosophical organizations are yet to understand the culture of Internet
> communication. May be not in this generation -- may have to wait for the
> next generation which is growing up with Internet culture.
> mkr

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