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Re: Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

May 25, 1999 02:43 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Thanks Frank for the translation.

I think the point is very clear.


Frank Reitemeyer wrote:

> > Thanks Frank:
> >
> > If you or anyone else have immediate access to the "Adyar" journal, would
> be
> > interested in the full text.
> >[SNIP]
> mkr
> Follows the wished text retranslated in my humble hastly English from the
> German "Adyar spezial: Theosophy & Buddhism, 1994, p. 106-7. Editor Hank
> Troemel interviewed P.T.S. Radha Burnier (please note: I drew more attention
> to content than to accuracy of English grammar and style):
> " Inq.: But how can we distinct between proclaimers with perhaps 'certain
> moments of true realization' and charlatans? Is Sai Baba a legitimate object
> of study for theosophists?
> R.B.: Well, at first: There exists no authoritarian attitude from the side
> of the T.S. Each individuum within the T.S. can study Sai Baba or believe in
> him. But Sai Baba says he is God. In the T.S. however there is no God whom
> we pray, there is no authority, which we must follow. Do you see the
> difference? Each individual in our Society is free to believe and to explore
> what he likes. It would only lead to confusion, would a lodge or a section
> suddenly pick up Sai or any similar personality or doctrine with definite
> contents of believe for the purpose of study or other reasons into their
> curriculum. The public perhaps would believe we accept Sai Baba as God.
> Therefore it is clear that a lodge or a section is in an another situation
> than an individual member. The lodge represents the T.S., therefore the
> character of the T.S. must be preserved."

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