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Re: Theos-World Question on CONSCIOUSNESS

May 24, 1999 11:07 PM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 5/23/99 10:59:34 AM, Dallas writes:

<< May 22 1999

Dallas offers:

Can we not say that "consciousness" means awareness ?  A
chemical element is guided by properties innate to it, and
those are regulated by its electro-magnetic composition --
so that certain chemicals react and others do not.

In deep sleep we still have consciousness, but there is no awareness.  
Consciousness is an attribute of a manifest universal field, while awareness 
is a characteristic of the laya point out of which both consciousness and 
matter arise.

If that were all, it would be quite mechanical. However it
is observed in chemical  engineering that not all chemicals
react entirely, or that the results are absolutely pure and
free of their original combining constituents.  So an
equation for a chemical reaction reads with a double arrow,
one side pointing forward to the compound and the other
pointing back from the compound to the elements that were
supposed to combine 100%, and, are found in practice, not to
do that at all.

Is this randomness or indeterminacy possibly an example of
independent consciousness at the atomic or molecular stage?>>

(Leon answers)
Possibly--by a long stretch of the imagination, perhaps... But, what does the 
manifest aspects of material nature have to do with consciousness as a 
universal attribute of spirit?  Randomness and indeterminacy only apply to 
the illusory physical aspects of matter.  Consciousness, as the immutable 
attribute of spirit cannot be subject to changes, whether random or not--that 
are limited solely to the mutable material plane of existence. 

There appear to be other levels of "consciousness" --- as in
the "sensitivity of plants"  Jagdish Chandra Bose
demonstrated this as far back as the 1880s and 1900s and
more recently I have read that there appears to be a
mysterious and instantaneous communication of sensitivity
between a "mother plane" and a "daughter plant" made by
rooting one of the "mother's" branches and then transporting
it hundred, even thousands of miles away from the "mother."

Experiments have shown that the reaction of the "mother" to
a stimulus is transmitted to the "daughter" over great
distances.  Why ?  How ?

Since everything in the universe (empowered by Fohat) stems from cosmic 
"electricity," there is a connection between each and all of the seven fold 
aspects of nature.  If each aspect is an electric field functioning at a 
different phase level or order of vibration, then all fields are linked by 
harmonics, resonance and inductive processes.  This accounts for the actions 
on the physical plane being continuously recorded on the akashic plane.  

Since awareness in any field is an attribute of the zero-point alone (around 
which each field vibrates) and since all zero-points existing in the "vacuum" 
of space are contiguous with each other, and since the mother and daughter 
tree have the same astral body--they are linked together through their common 
zero (laya) point of awareness within that astral field (which is the active 
root of all sensory perception).  Thus, what is experienced by the Mother 
plant can also be experienced by the daughter--no matter how far apart they 
are... Also, since the Astral field vibrates in a higher frequency phase 
order than the material fields, and its cycle time constant very short, an 
astral wave form can travel much faster than light (C).  

Additionally, all the lower beings exist as a sort of group "kingdom 
consciousness" rather than as the fully individualized conscious awareness 
experienced by the Human Kingdom (due to our "awakened" manasic link).  This 
makes it much more likely that the lower Kingdoms are more sensitive to the 
higher planes of consciousness than are ordinary (non-awakened) humans.  Even 
animals, like cats, are much more sensitive to the astral vibrations than we 
humans with our noisy, interfering minds.:-)

And so on, other instances are in the animal and human
bodies where the cells, molecules, etc... show great wisdom
in their process of renovation and maintenance in the host
bodies.  Every body or being is made up of countless atoms,
molecules, cells, and other structures -- all are ruled by
intelligence -- but in each case there is evidence of a
central guidance system and one wonders how that is done and
why the least of things is so well organized and  adjusted
to the rest of its environment.  What CONSCIOUSNESS rules
all this vast Universe and each smaller universe ?  Our
human bodies are said to consist on the average of 30 to 40
quadrillion atoms !  We certainly do not rule and adjust all
that, so some Intelligence helps to do that for us -- we are
tenants in a self-conscious dwelling house, and only
regulate what we do and how we behave when we are awake,
aware, attentive, thinking doing and acting -- and we do not
do that yet, very well !  When the body sleeps who keeps the
home-fires burning ?

All is cooperative in nature,  So why not Consciousness?>>

It might be looked at this way.  In the awakened universe, Spirit or 
consciousness is the first aspect to manifest and therefore contains all 
wisdom and intelligence (accumulated from the experience of all previous 
"lives" of the Divine "light").  This intelligence is in the form of 
vibratory energy patterns contained within the consciousness "field"... 
(Somewhat like the interference patterns of light that contain all the 
information necessary to recreate a holographic image.)  

Since consciousness rules over Mahat and, subsequently, on the lower planes, 
over Manas, and since Manas rules over the lower nature and is all knowing on 
the physical plane--it, therefore, by replicating the holistic patterns of 
higher wisdom and knowledge (through its resonance with the higher fields of 
Atma-Buddhi), can guide all the "lives" in our bodies and direct both Prana 
and the Astral to, in turn, energize and guide the forms in their cooperative 
activities, as well as in their generation and regeneration (or repair when 
damaged).  This transfer of information through the application of Will, 
empowered by Kama, is what keeps the activities of "life" rolling along in 
perfect correspondence and compliance with the universal order.  This, 
incidentally, is the idea behind the old Testament statement that "God 
creates man in His (Its) own image." 

I hope this helps,



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