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Re: Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

May 24, 1999 12:45 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> Thanks Frank:
> If you or anyone else have immediate access to the "Adyar" journal, would
> interested in the full text.

Follows the wished text retranslated in my humble hastly English from the
German "Adyar spezial: Theosophy & Buddhism, 1994, p. 106-7. Editor Hank
Troemel interviewed P.T.S. Radha Burnier (please note: I drew more attention
to content than to accuracy of English grammar and style):

" Inq.: But how can we distinct between proclaimers with perhaps 'certain
moments of true realization' and charlatans? Is Sai Baba a legitimate object
of study for theosophists?

R.B.: Well, at first: There exists no authoritarian attitude from the side
of the T.S. Each individuum within the T.S. can study Sai Baba or believe in
him. But Sai Baba says he is God. In the T.S. however there is no God whom
we pray, there is no authority, which we must follow. Do you see the
difference? Each individual in our Society is free to believe and to explore
what he likes. It would only lead to confusion, would a lodge or a section
suddenly pick up Sai or any similar personality or doctrine with definite
contents of believe for the purpose of study or other reasons into their
curriculum. The public perhaps would believe we accept Sai Baba as God.
Therefore it is clear that a lodge or a section is in an another situation
than an individual member. The lodge represents the T.S., therefore the
character of the T.S. must be preserved."

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