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Re: Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

May 18, 1999 04:01 PM
by M K Ramadoss


I would like to know where and when Radha Burnier made the statement about
Sai Baba? I am interested to see the full statement.


At 06:11 PM 5/18/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>bart oabout Sai Baba:
>> Not to mention a fraud, very likely a blackmailer, and possibly a
>> murderer.
>> As far as fraud goes, his sleight of hand has been spotted many times.
>> One time, when his assistant screwed up a pass, it was caught on
>> videotape. The assistant was found murdered several days later. Numerous
>> ex-members of his group tell about him eliciting confessions from them,
>> and later using the information as blackmail against him. (for accounts,
>> plus AVI's of the video, use any search engine and look up Sai Baba.
>> There are a BUNCH of sites on Yahoo).
>> He claims to be omniscient. To explain his poor speaking and
>> understanding of English, he claims that he speaks English perfectly,
>> and only pretends not to understand it (!).
>> Bart Lidofsky
>Indeed, Bart, well put. One of this videos was once in the German TV were he
>was expoused as a charlatan when he claimed to be able to materilize ashes
>etc. But it was only a simple chemical trick. Although I differ sometimes on
>the opinions of our elected ones, I still agree with what Radha Burnier,
>President TSA, once said about Sai Baba: He declares himself as GOD, and
>that is not the theosophical way. Looking from Germany one wonders why it is
>possible to regard such people as a "messenger" etc, whereas he fits not
>even the conditions to be a lay-chela. Have we Theosophists learned nothing
>from our history (i.e. the World Teacher poppycock with Annie Besant and
>Krishnamurti? Although K is interesting to read up to some degree, he deals
>only with psychology and rabulism, but certainly not with the pukky
>theosophy of HPB and their teachers. The same could be said about the
>teachings of Sai Baba: The parts that are derived from theosophy are true,
>but not new - the parts that are not theosophy are not true but exoteric
>misconceptions and only his personal claims without evidence.

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