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Re: Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

May 18, 1999 01:14 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

bart oabout Sai Baba:
> Not to mention a fraud, very likely a blackmailer, and possibly a
> murderer.
> As far as fraud goes, his sleight of hand has been spotted many times.
> One time, when his assistant screwed up a pass, it was caught on
> videotape. The assistant was found murdered several days later. Numerous
> ex-members of his group tell about him eliciting confessions from them,
> and later using the information as blackmail against him. (for accounts,
> plus AVI's of the video, use any search engine and look up Sai Baba.
> There are a BUNCH of sites on Yahoo).
> He claims to be omniscient. To explain his poor speaking and
> understanding of English, he claims that he speaks English perfectly,
> and only pretends not to understand it (!).
> Bart Lidofsky

Indeed, Bart, well put. One of this videos was once in the German TV were he
was expoused as a charlatan when he claimed to be able to materilize ashes
etc. But it was only a simple chemical trick. Although I differ sometimes on
the opinions of our elected ones, I still agree with what Radha Burnier,
President TSA, once said about Sai Baba: He declares himself as GOD, and
that is not the theosophical way. Looking from Germany one wonders why it is
possible to regard such people as a "messenger" etc, whereas he fits not
even the conditions to be a lay-chela. Have we Theosophists learned nothing
from our history (i.e. the World Teacher poppycock with Annie Besant and
Krishnamurti? Although K is interesting to read up to some degree, he deals
only with psychology and rabulism, but certainly not with the pukky
theosophy of HPB and their teachers. The same could be said about the
teachings of Sai Baba: The parts that are derived from theosophy are true,
but not new - the parts that are not theosophy are not true but exoteric
misconceptions and only his personal claims without evidence.

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