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Re: 900 year old people

Jun 05, 1998 10:37 AM
by Brenda S Tucker


I LOVE this logic.  If you can think like this, you can certainly help me
to think on things.


At 10:42 AM 6/5/98 +0900, you wrote:
>When one travels at the speed of light or close to it, time is dilated. So
>lets say that Jehovah comes down in his fiery wheel (UFO) speaks to some
>Israelites, leaves them a magnificent chlorophyll generator/weapon (ark),
>then takes off back to sirius or wherever. After 20 years of space flight
>he returns to earth but alas 800 years have passed. To the people on earth
>he seems 800 odd years old but is in fact only 20 years older.
>This could explain some of the biblical ages - The sumerian king list also
>shows the SAME king at different historical periods. That is to say for eg,
>there may have been an Enoch II who ruled from some given time and then
>left in his UFO. In the meantime, an Enoch III gains the thrown for some
>period of time , then 300-400 years later we see the re-appearance of Enoch
>II on the king list. If it was a new Enoch he should IV not II.
>Just an Idea
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