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Re: Evil = humanity

Jun 05, 1998 11:32 AM
by Brenda S Tucker

>>When HPB says evil didn't exist on the earth until humans got here, how do
>>you interpret this?
>>Evil is in our mental constitution.  It is a construct which humans use,
>>but perhaps one which is not used by the animal kingdom or the adept (our
>>next) kingdom of nature.  Evil wasn't here until there was a mind to
>>possess it.
>You stated in your previous post which started this exchange that humans are
>"inherently evil."  "Inherently" means existing in someone or something as a
>natural and inseparable quality; an inborn characteristic.

Kym, If you haven't read my webpage, you might try it.  I don't know if
that will help explain my thinking or not, but the link is now at the
bottom of all my posts.

Evil is a construct existing outside of ourselves normally during the first
through fourth races, although Archangel Lucifer's job, as I see it is to
help us to recognize that we also have evil within ourselves and his race
of activity is the fourth according to THE SECRET DOCTRINE.  Now what seems
to happen is that when the fifth through seventh races are lived through,
evil becomes more than a concept which we avoid and it becomes a condition
of living alongside or allowing the next kingdom of adepts to live within
us.  It becomes in my mind inherent through the fact that we recognize them
as "all the good" in our lives.  If I were to commit an act without their
"presence," this act COULD very possibly be harmful and destructive.
However with their influence of "good," even when they are temporarily
"away" (so to speak, if that were possible?) my actions COULD also be
constructive because I have attuned my actions to their "greater good and
supreme nature and way of life."

I am "learning" from them (Ascended Masters) how to live in balance and
harmony.  I am "learning" ways which are new and could be right or wrong.
I think that when light reaches me it can be direct from the sun or it can
be done with the use of Ascended Masters as intermediaries.  Direct light
from the sun does not necessarily imply that my action would be
constructive and beneficial to those living around me.  There are measures
that I can take which help to insure that my direct Monadic actions are
kept constructive, or so I have been taught.  I will try to use these
measures, but there is no guarantee.  One recent thought on this matter is
that when the light reaches me, I can protect myself from exposing the
source of the light to others who may be "destructive" by breaking the
light into its seven component parts.  This is beautiful to think about
because the light appears in my mind as seven little musical notes with
different colors that seem to dance and make music.  This HARMONY AND
BALANCE is very protective of myself and actions and the idea is that now I
have "SEVEN KEYS" which must be rejoined in order to understand them in
their "light essence."  I can keep this secret around others or I can
rejoin them (mentally) and project the light in full power.

>In your follow-up post (cited above) you state that "evil" is "a construct."
>I am not sure what you define as "construct," but to me it is 'to build' or
>'to form' or 'to invent.'  Construct is much different than inherent - and I
>agree that "evil" is a construct; however, again, I do not believe that
>humans are "inherently evil."

>A monad, even though it is divine, was provided the option of choice while
>in the flesh.  Humans are also provided with much 'spiritual power' - that,
>too, has been misused.  Until humans realize their true heritage and how
>much power they really have, the confusion will manifest itself in what
>appears to be "evil."  Not all humans on this planet suffer from this
>confusion - hence, another case against evil being inherent in humans.

I am attempting to understand what I read when I offer this view of evil.
I do not believe the power is in the human to act any longer as an
independent being, but that the human is powerful in transforming their
nature into one which allows the light to shine through us. Yes, we have
power to transform ourselves, but rightfully credit must be given to the
next kingdom for the blessings they bestow on the earth and through

>>When I arrived, if it was as I think, with the human race, our
>>superior stature threw a shadow on the inferior animal kingdom.  Thereby,
>>"evil" was created. There were now two kingdoms existing side by side.  Now
>>that ascended masters are here (in their first race perhaps), evil takes on
>>a new appearance.  It isn't the animals (which have long since moved on to
>>their next globe in the chain) and it isn't present in man's actions as we
>>would interpret evil to exist independently of another being.  Instead evil
>>is the shadow thrown on us by the ascended masters.  It is found when the

>>removal of human conditions is attained by beings of light.

>I've not a clue what you mean when you say that "evil is the shadow thrown
>on us by the ascended masters."  What do you mean "evil takes on a new
>appearance?"  And when you say "It is found. . .(last sentence)" - what is
>the "It?"  As a matter of fact, I've not a clue what the entire above cited
>passage means!

Let's hypothesize that we are inviting ascended master light to live in us.
As an androgynous, sixth race being we have a choice as to who shall be
performing the actions.  We can take turns, take occasionally rest breaks,
perform "separate" functions, etc.  If I do not have the ability to
distinguish right from wrong according to the separate ascended master
living in me, I am existing as a receptacle for their greater light and
offering myself to their discernment as to what is right and what is wrong.
 If I say, "Remove all wrong from me and replace it with ascended master
light."  Away go certain areas of myself that I can hardly even
distinguish.  Other areas of myself remain intact and blaze forth their
perfection as a way of saying, yes, there are parts of the human which are

My views are partly achieved through association with the I AM Temple, an
organization many people here may not have been fortunate enough to align
with.  I hope you will consider what I am saying.  I realize this is an
entirely new point of view and want to help people relax with it as much as
possible.  Evil is not a pleasant subject, but HPB often finds reason to
discuss it and I feel compelled to use it when I think it could help.  Ha

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