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Evil = humanity

Jun 05, 1998 03:22 AM
by Kym Smith

Brenda wrote:

>The simple statement by you that you are someone's friend doesn't
>necessarily make it true in my mind.

It would seem illogical, not to mention just plain dumb, of me to say that
someone on this list was my friend when that person reads this list - that
would be a sure-fire way to get myself humiliated if I were lying.

>>My point was: you may consider people "inherently evil" - but that doesn't
>>mean it is true nor that others will take kindly to being referred to as
>>"inherently evil."
>No, it doesn't. So I suppose we should just KEEP THE SECRET DOCTRINE secret.

Again, Brenda, please note in my previous statement that I am referring to
you specifically; not the hiding nor revealing of THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

>When HPB says evil didn't exist on the earth until humans got here, how do
>you interpret this?
>Evil is in our mental constitution.  It is a construct which humans use,
>but perhaps one which is not used by the animal kingdom or the adept (our
>next) kingdom of nature.  Evil wasn't here until there was a mind to
>possess it.

You stated in your previous post which started this exchange that humans are
"inherently evil."  "Inherently" means existing in someone or something as a
natural and inseparable quality; an inborn characteristic.

In your follow-up post (cited above) you state that "evil" is "a construct."
I am not sure what you define as "construct," but to me it is 'to build' or
'to form' or 'to invent.'  Construct is much different than inherent - and I
agree that "evil" is a construct; however, again, I do not believe that
humans are "inherently evil."
There is nothing I've ever read in Theosophical doctrine that says humans
are "evil" in themselves.  According to the literature, a human is simply a
Monad in flesh form.  In THE SECRET DOCTRINE (Book 2:185-186), the Monad is
referred to as being nothing "other than divine."

A monad, even though it is divine, was provided the option of choice while
in the flesh.  Humans are also provided with much 'spiritual power' - that,
too, has been misused.  Until humans realize their true heritage and how
much power they really have, the confusion will manifest itself in what
appears to be "evil."  Not all humans on this planet suffer from this
confusion - hence, another case against evil being inherent in humans.

And a monad becomes human because such an incarnation will aid us in the
processes of growth, understanding, and compassion.

>When I arrived, if it was as I think, with the human race, our
>superior stature threw a shadow on the inferior animal kingdom.  Thereby,
>"evil" was created. There were now two kingdoms existing side by side.  Now
>that ascended masters are here (in their first race perhaps), evil takes on
>a new appearance.  It isn't the animals (which have long since moved on to
>their next globe in the chain) and it isn't present in man's actions as we
>would interpret evil to exist independently of another being.  Instead evil
>is the shadow thrown on us by the ascended masters.  It is found when the
>removal of human conditions is attained by beings of light.

I've not a clue what you mean when you say that "evil is the shadow thrown
on us by the ascended masters."  What do you mean "evil takes on a new
appearance?"  And when you say "It is found. . .(last sentence)" - what is
the "It?"  As a matter of fact, I've not a clue what the entire above cited
passage means!

>Why is this so offensive to you that you have to look for a "friend" to
>stand by you?

Oooooh, a "neener, neener, neener" statement!  I love those.  And it did not
escape me that you put the word 'friend' in quotations.

Brenda, take your finger out of your eye and your elbow out of your ear and
pay attention, please:  No where in this post did I "look for a friend to
stand by [me]."  You were talking about Paul's friends - referred to them as
"inherently evil" and I responded as I am Paul's friend and didn't take
kindly to being referred to as "inherently evil."

Brenda, you've misinterpreted most of what I have written; therefore, do you
not think it is POSSIBLE you MAY have misinterpreted some of what HPB wrote?


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