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900 year old people

Jun 04, 1998 06:42 PM
by Darren Porter

When one travels at the speed of light or close to it, time is dilated. So
lets say that Jehovah comes down in his fiery wheel (UFO) speaks to some
Israelites, leaves them a magnificent chlorophyll generator/weapon (ark),
then takes off back to sirius or wherever. After 20 years of space flight
he returns to earth but alas 800 years have passed. To the people on earth
he seems 800 odd years old but is in fact only 20 years older.

This could explain some of the biblical ages - The sumerian king list also
shows the SAME king at different historical periods. That is to say for eg,
there may have been an Enoch II who ruled from some given time and then
left in his UFO. In the meantime, an Enoch III gains the thrown for some
period of time , then 300-400 years later we see the re-appearance of Enoch
II on the king list. If it was a new Enoch he should IV not II.

Just an Idea


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