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Lurking Rent

Jun 05, 1998 10:28 AM
by Jake Jaqua

     Here is a "zinger" I think is pretty good on the "salvation by a =
Personal God" idea from Roy Mitchel in his "Exile of the Soul"  =
(Blavatsky Inst., Prometheus)

           "....The unending controversy between the exponents of =
free-will and those of predestination with all the rarefied subtleties =
that go into it, is a war to decide... whether, because God knows =
everything in advance - as would become an omniscient deity - all events =
are therefore fixed, or whether one of God's creatures can decide of his =
own free will to do something God knows in advance he will not do or =
something God had not foreseen.  Predestination destroys the whole point =
of the redemptive system, because whether an individual will be saved or =
not is all fixed in advance.  Free will, on the other hand, makes God =
less than omniscient. If the Predestinarian is right, God knows in =
advance every time he makes a soul for eternal torment, but seemingly He =
continues to do so because He is bound by a law manifested in the sexual =
proclivities of His creatures.  In which case again He is not only less =
than omnipotent but is a servant of sex."
- Jake Jaqua=20

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