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Re: Atlantis Peak Maybe?

Jun 05, 1998 09:03 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Darren wrote:
> As many people are probably aware of the Astronaut theory is pushed by a
> called Erik von daniken I think, My mormon mother in law gave me this book
> to read - The chariots of the gods. It's got me thinking. I in no-way
> belittle any othe races that had suppossed vistiations, thes dhyani-cohens
> materialsed to me on the atsral plane, I understood.

	My father, for many years the chairman of the Applied Physics
department at Columbia University, read Chariots of the Gods, and
commented that it seemed to make a lot of sense to him, except in the
areas of physics, where von Daniken had a lot of concepts that were
completely wrong. A chemistry professor told him that the book made a
lot of sense, except in the area of chemistry, where EvD was completely
wrong. Curious, my father discussed the book with professors from many
different departments, and received similar answers from all of them.

	There are many areas where science (which can be defined as the study
of that which can be measured) conflicts with common sense. Apparently
much of EvD's theories depend on disprovable common sense.

	Bart Lidofsky

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