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Atlantis Peak Maybe?

Jun 05, 1998 08:22 AM
by Darren Porter

>	I find "ancient astronauts" theories to be inherently racist. What they
>tend to come down to is, "The Asians, Africans, and Native Americans
>could not have come up with the technology and cultures that they did on
>their own; only the white Europeans have that capability."

The degree of a statements truth or falsehood lies only from within the
dimension and framework it is perceived. From our perspective it seems the
europeans may have come up with their capabilities, but were these
manifesting in a hostile way?

White europeans bear a great karmic burden - there is so much intrigue
involved with some of the biggest stories; like the US$1 - can anyone tell
me about the great seal and what does the latin mean?

As many people are probably aware of the Astronaut theory is pushed by a
called Erik von daniken I think, My mormon mother in law gave me this book
to read - The chariots of the gods. It's got me thinking. I in no-way
belittle any othe races that had suppossed vistiations, thes dhyani-cohens
materialsed to me on the atsral plane, I understood.

I alos beleive that almost every civilization had UFO contact. You just
have to beleive your free.
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