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Re: thought or intuition?

Jun 05, 1998 08:33 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Thoa Tran wrote:
> I think of intuition as more than animal instinct.  To me, animal instinct
> (as far as mating, gathering food, and other common survival functions)
> involves a built in practical mechanism.

	I would hope so, that intuition comes from the reincarnating principles
and not from the more temporary principles.

> Intuition, which helps in finding
> solutions to complex questions and helps us connect to other beings,
> involve a deeper source.  It feels to me like a point of contact to the
> knowing All.  Thought, to me, is dependent on the data gathering and
> conceptual system.  This depends on how much data we have is more limited
> than intuition.

	This is close to my own concept of intuition; it is knowledge that
comes to the manas through the Atma by way of the Buddhi. However,
animals and children who have not yet learned to speak have the
capability of seeing things that most humans are trained and conditioned
not to see. This is sometimes also called "intuition", but is really
based in the temporary, "lower" principles, and is based in mentation in
the midbrain.

	Bart Lidofsky

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