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Re: Cancel the order!

Jun 05, 1998 08:35 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Darren and Paul:

Vol. III SD as sold by Kessinger is $49.95 in
American dollars.

You will NOT find in Vol. 14 of HPB's Collected Writings
*all* of the major sections or essays as
in the original 1897 Vol. III.  Boris de Zirkoff put some
of the sections in another volume of the Collected
Writings.  Then the esoteric papers at the end
of SD Vol. III will be found in vol. 12 of CWs.
Hope this helps.


K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> Darren, if it is at all possible CANCEL THE ORDER for that
> outrageously, atrociously expensive volume from Kessinger.
> Every Theosophical title they have is extremely pricey; never
> having seen one I can only assume they're bound in gold plates or
> alligator hide.  You can get exactly the same stuff for a quarter
> the price in one of the late volumes of the Blavatsky Collected
> Writings-- 14 I think, but check.

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