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Re: Cancel the order! and Jews vs. Jesus

Jun 05, 1998 08:04 AM
by Darren Porter


Thanks for this advice. The main cost was in the $30 mail fee, presume for
air deliver with insurance. But from what I'm lead to beleive is these
books are soft-cover reprints and not worth the $49.95 price tag. In total
US$79.95 = AS$115.00, very expensive for a reprint. I really want to make
up my i own mind and want the most unbiased literature possible.

BTW, How did you go with those review references I gave you of your books?



At 09:40 AM 6/5/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Darren, if it is at all possible CANCEL THE ORDER for that
>outrageously, atrociously expensive volume from Kessinger.
>Every Theosophical title they have is extremely pricey; never
>having seen one I can only assume they're bound in gold plates or
>alligator hide.  You can get exactly the same stuff for a quarter
>the price in one of the late volumes of the Blavatsky Collected
>Writings-- 14 I think, but check.
>Alan, I think that Jewish argument you talk about is very
>disingenuous.  "Not need an intermediary?"  What about the Mosaic
>law?  What about being the chosen people?  Sure, Reform Jews are
>about like Unitarians, and mystical Judaism has some wonderful
>insights.  And granted, Christianity has erected just as
>oppressive a priestly hierarchy and set of exclusivistic rules as
>any other religion and is thus quite out of touch with the ethos
>of its founder.  But you only have to look at the Orthodox in Israel
>today to see how much the focus is on manmade observances as
>opposed to direct communion with the divine.  The basic ideas that
>God is a lawgiver and we have to obey a set a laws to get on his good side,
>and that some ethnic groups or social categories are holier than others and
>we should shun the unholy, are fundamentally evil and what Jesus rejected
>emphatically IMO.
>Why are they evil?  Until I hear a better definition, I'll hold
>to M. Scott Peck's in People of the Lie: evil people behave in
>destructive, scapegoating ways while denying all personal
>responsibility for their actions.  There's never been anything as
>effective as religious codes and hierarchies in bringing that out
>in people.
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