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Re: Idiots

Jun 05, 1998 07:56 AM
by Darren Porter

fellow idiots,

they time has come to announce the return of the maitreya of idiots. The
Grand Lodge welcomes IDIOT #467 Darren into it's ranks

Hail Eris

At 12:58 AM 6/5/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Mark Kusek <> writes
>>>> Kym wrote, answering Brenda:
>>>> Humans may have created or contributed to 'evil' or 'evil-doings'
>>>> but humans, animals, stink-bugs, lava rocks, and prickly-bushes
>>>> are not, in themselves, 'evil.'
>>>Dinosaurs are evil.
>>>(Satanasaurus, Demonicus Rex, Pterrordactyl, Tridentitops, Barney, etc.)
>>We Protest!
>>(International Dinosaurs In Other Theosophical Societies)
>ROFL!!!  I'm cc'ing this to TI-L for Alexis' benefit.  I always knew he
>didn't mean any malice when he called people idiots.  He was only declaring
>a brother/sister!
>Thoa :o)
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