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900 year old people

Jun 05, 1998 00:05 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Darren wrote:
>> When one travels at the speed of light or close to it, time is dilated. So
>> lets say that Jehovah comes down in his fiery wheel (UFO) speaks to some
>> Israelites, leaves them a magnificent chlorophyll generator/weapon (ark),
>> then takes off back to sirius or wherever. After 20 years of space flight
>> he returns to earth but alas 800 years have passed. To the people on earth
>> he seems 800 odd years old but is in fact only 20 years older.
>        I find "ancient astronauts" theories to be inherently racist. What they
>tend to come down to is, "The Asians, Africans, and Native Americans
>could not have come up with the technology and cultures that they did on
>their own; only the white Europeans have that capability."

Very perceptive, Bart.

Thoa :o)

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