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Re: Theos-World Re: Steiner -- a quick 10 min. list

May 16, 2008 12:20 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Martin wrote:
I spoke to my elder brother, he said the following:
There is only one race of men, it is called humanity
and brotherhood is what connects them.

And there is only one family. We are family, Sister Sledge.
So give me all your money and your house.

Theosophy teaches also:
- that nature is built up on hierarchies
- that higher and lower races exists
- that races differ physically, psychically and spiritually

So brotherhood implies all this three.
Violation of this 3 fundamentals would be racism.

The "we are all equal" ideology of Rothschild/Communism/Marxism/Frankfurt 
school/Mansonry/Illuminati is therefore - at least from the theosophical 
point of view - against nature and its laws.

> Why then their teachings differ so much?
> HPB: 7 root-races will appear.
> Steiner: only 5 root-races will appear.

>All Races are there, one needs just find a way to see
>them, Intuition is the best monocle.

ok, but which all? all 5 or all 7?

>All chains are connected even life is exchanged, so
saying there is a globe this and a chain there doesn't
make sense for our human understanding. What is of
more need to understand is that we do not need
discrimination unless we are dealing with sorcerers...
mind the words 'dis' and 'crime'.

Mmmmh. I have heard that development of discrimination power is the first 
requirement on the occult path.



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