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Re: Theos-World Re: Steiner -- a quick 10 min. list

May 16, 2008 02:51 PM
by Martin

You are right Frank, however it is just which level
you try to observe this.
We are one but not the same applies here very much
indeed, thank you :-)

--- Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:

> Martin wrote:
> I spoke to my elder brother, he said the following:
> There is only one race of men, it is called humanity
> and brotherhood is what connects them.
> And there is only one family. We are family, Sister
> Sledge.
> So give me all your money and your house.
> Theosophy teaches also:
> - that nature is built up on hierarchies
> - that higher and lower races exists
> - that races differ physically, psychically and
> spiritually
> So brotherhood implies all this three.
> Violation of this 3 fundamentals would be racism.
> The "we are all equal" ideology of
> Rothschild/Communism/Marxism/Frankfurt 
> school/Mansonry/Illuminati is therefore - at least
> from the theosophical 
> point of view - against nature and its laws.

We can't be all equal, reality shows that, however we
are of equal origin, which is in the causeless

> >
> >
> > Why then their teachings differ so much?
> >
> > HPB: 7 root-races will appear.
> > Steiner: only 5 root-races will appear.
> >All Races are there, one needs just find a way to
> see
> >them, Intuition is the best monocle.
> ok, but which all? all 5 or all 7?
> >All chains are connected even life is exchanged, so
> saying there is a globe this and a chain there
> doesn't
> make sense for our human understanding. What is of
> more need to understand is that we do not need
> discrimination unless we are dealing with
> sorcerers...
> mind the words 'dis' and 'crime'.
> Mmmmh. I have heard that development of
> discrimination power is the first 
> requirement on the occult path.

Indeed right again Frank, however Just Discrimination
goes a little deeper, but we have a poor language here
in Eglish, maybe we should indeed type old German her
or my favorite: Outh Dietsch :-)

> Frank 



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