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Re: Theos-World Re: Steiner -- a quick 10 min. list

May 14, 2008 01:39 PM
by Martin

--- Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:

> Richard wrote:
> Steiner was in contact with the Elder Brothers who
> are the western
> counterpart if not the same as HPBs Tibetan
> mahatmas.

I spoke to my elder brother, he said the following:
There is only one race of men, it is called humanity
and brotherhood is what connects them.

> Why then their teachings differ so much?
> HPB: 7 root-races will appear.
> Steiner: only 5 root-races will appear.

All Races are there, one needs just find a way to see
them, Intuition is the best monocle.

> HPB: Mars and Mercury are chains of its own.
> Steiner: Mars and Mercury are globes of the Earth
> chain.

All chains are connected even life is exchanged, so
saying there is a globe this and a chain there doesn't
make sense for our human understanding. What is of
more need to understand is that we do not need
discrimination unless we are dealing with sorcerers...
mind the words 'dis' and 'crime'.

> HPB: techniques like Kerner's fixing og letters are
> bad.
> Steiner: recommended it in his E.S.

we use internet these days, so this issue has become

> HPB: esoteric teachings of not to buy for money.
> Steiner: he had to pay Leopold Engel as the agent of
> Yarker 5,000 Marks to 
> the M&M charter to be able to continue HPB's
> esoteric work.

If could raise money by selling secrets to feed hungry
minds and bodies, I wouldn't hesitate, however I would
give my heart for free...

> HPB: it's much difficult even for a trained chela to
> read in the astral 
> light
> Steiner: read easy in the Akasha records
> (unfortuneately only things of 
> remote past, without chance to check it)

The only way to reflect the astral light is closely
looking at what reality has to tell you.

> HPB: describes herself as messenger of the Masters
> Steiner: HPB's Master were in 1879 replaced by gray
> magicians of the West, 
> she being herself occult kidnapped

I was kidnapped in 1979 by The Theosophical Society
and nowadays I have grown grey hairs of all the
messengers I see allover the world :-)

> HPB: "Jesus" was Jehoshua 120 B.C.
> Steiner: he was not Jehoshua 120 B.C.

One of my dogs is called Josty and I am sure Jesus
would have loved her :-)

> HPB: kali yuga will remain 427,000 years
> Steiner: kali yuga ends 1897, the Golden age begins

As long as we eat with knives and forks Kali Yug will
be here...

> HPB: Earth is the child on the moon
> Steiner: moon is the child of the Earth

We are all children of the SUN

> HPB: negroes are a young, coming race
> Steiner: begroes are a degenerate, outdying race

Negroes are people living in Nigeria, like Dutchies
are people living in Holland, the are both G-enerated,
O-rganised and D-egenerated, however Dhyan Chohans are
only active with ALL races...

> HPB: we are at present in the 4th sub-race
> Steiner: we are at present in the fifth sub-race

I am typing this on May 14th 2008 and subsequently
will type more on this 'when I am 65'...

> HPB: the kama principle is different form the astral
> body
> Steiner: kama is the same as astral body

We have a space-suit, a cosmic-suit, and an energy
harvester. Then when harvested we can use the energy
to turn on our computer which will reflect our
software which was invented by our mutual Developer

> HPB: regards other people as personalities
> Steiner: regards other people as individualities
persona means mask, individual means divided from,
persona is the outside space-suit, our individuality
is only temporary to become with the whole again.

> HPB: Earth is at the middle point of its life span
> Steiner: Earth will disaapear in 25,000 years, then
> we go to Jupiter

Earth is halfway developing, we should be as well!

> HPB: astral body can hurt
> Steiner: astral body cannot hurt

We suffer everywhere unless we walk the 8 fold Path

> and so on,
> and so on.
> One could make a 5 kilometers long list of
> contradictions between Steiner 
> and HPB!!
> Frank



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