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Re: Theos-World Re: Steiner -- a quick 10 min. list

May 14, 2008 06:42 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Richard wrote:
Steiner was in contact with the Elder Brothers who are the western
counterpart if not the same as HPBs Tibetan mahatmas.

Why then their teachings differ so much?

HPB: 7 root-races will appear.
Steiner: only 5 root-races will appear.

HPB: Mars and Mercury are chains of its own.
Steiner: Mars and Mercury are globes of the Earth chain.

HPB: techniques like Kerner's fixing og letters are bad.
Steiner: recommended it in his E.S.

HPB: esoteric teachings of not to buy for money.
Steiner: he had to pay Leopold Engel as the agent of Yarker 5,000 Marks to 
the M&M charter to be able to continue HPB's esoteric work.

HPB: it's much difficult even for a trained chela to read in the astral 
Steiner: read easy in the Akasha records (unfortuneately only things of 
remote past, without chance to check it)

HPB: describes herself as messenger of the Masters
Steiner: HPB's Master were in 1879 replaced by gray magicians of the West, 
she being herself occult kidnapped

HPB: "Jesus" was Jehoshua 120 B.C.
Steiner: he was not Jehoshua 120 B.C.

HPB: kali yuga will remain 427,000 years
Steiner: kali yuga ends 1897, the Golden age begins

HPB: Earth is the child on the moon
Steiner: moon is the child of the Earth

HPB: negroes are a young, coming race
Steiner: begroes are a degenerate, outdying race

HPB: we are at present in the 4th sub-race
Steiner: we are at present in the fifth sub-race

HPB: the kama principle is different form the astral body
Steiner: kama is the same as astral body

HPB: regards other people as personalities
Steiner: regards other people as individualities

HPB: Earth is at the middle point of its life span
Steiner: Earth will disaapear in 25,000 years, then we go to Jupiter

HPB: astral body can hurt
Steiner: astral body cannot hurt

and so on,
and so on.

One could make a 5 kilometers long list of contradictions between Steiner 
and HPB!!



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