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Theos-World Re: Steiner -- a quick 10 min. list

May 14, 2008 10:14 AM
by christinaleestemaker

You can read it in different contexts.
Mostly both are saying the same, only see it from another point of 

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dzyan@...> 
> Richard wrote:
> Steiner was in contact with the Elder Brothers who are the western
> counterpart if not the same as HPBs Tibetan mahatmas.

There are a lot of 
> Why then their teachings differ so much?
> HPB: 7 root-races will appear.
> Steiner: only 5 root-races will appear.

It is from where you see it.Steiner sees it from 4 till 5th on which 
there are now on tis earth.
HPB saw the total , so untill the end, the last and 7 th rootrace, 
before entering a new manvatara.
So she is right in total there will be 7 rootraces in one manvatara.

> HPB: Mars and Mercury are chains of its own.
> Steiner: Mars and Mercury are globes of the Earth chain.

Chains on its own and connected to this earth.Also HPB is more clever 
in seeing this.

> HPB: techniques like Kerner's fixing og letters are bad.
> Steiner: recommended it in his E.S>

no idea of this.Possibly she will be rigt too, because she sees much 

> HPB: esoteric teachings of not to buy for money.
> Steiner: he had to pay Leopold Engel as the agent of Yarker 5,000 
Marks to 
> the M&M charter to be able to continue HPB's esoteric work.

Occult , esoteric and exoteric teachings are not for commercial 
profits, how right she is, otherwise it is black magic.
6 th principle on which danger will be find.

> HPB: it's much difficult even for a trained chela to read in the 
> light
> Steiner: read easy in the Akasha records (unfortuneately only 
things of 
> remote past, without chance to check it)

So it is.Difficult.Not to be in astral spheres.

> HPB: describes herself as messenger of the Masters
> Steiner: HPB's Master were in 1879 replaced by gray magicians of 
the West, 
> she being herself occult kidnapped

No idea

> HPB: "Jesus" was Jehoshua 120 B.C.
> Steiner: he was not Jehoshua 120 B.C.

Also no idea 

> HPB: kali yuga will remain 427,000 years
> Steiner: kali yuga ends 1897, the Golden age begin
That we may hoped, but it is not.
We still are in the kali yuga.

> HPB: Earth is the child on the moon
> Steiner: moon is the child of the Earth
moon was times before necessary for our developement.Now it is only a 
reflecting planet. 

> HPB: negroes are a young, coming race
> Steiner: begroes are a degenerate, outdying race

Negroes are the coming race, because they mix and develope the coming 
golden race.

> HPB: we are at present in the 4th sub-race
> Steiner: we are at present in the fifth sub-race

We are present in the 4th round with 4,5 and especially some of the 6 
th subraces.

> HPB: the kama principle is different form the astral body
> Steiner: kama is the same as astral body
I think she is right because of the one is going into the other.

> HPB: regards other people as personalities
> Steiner: regards other people as individualities
Personalities need to become individualities first, after they will  
become Higher minds.

> HPB: Earth is at the middle point of its life span
> Steiner: Earth will disaapear in 25,000 years, then we go to Jupiter
After the 7 th rootrace we enter as angels Jupiter

And HPB did not need to make this future, for we are in te middle and 
need to develope this first and not go over it by no understanding.

> HPB: astral body can hurt
> Steiner: astral body cannot hurt
I am sure it can hurt!!!!!

> and so on,
> and so on.   

It is how narrowness you will see that!!!

> One could make a 5 kilometers long list of contradictions between 
> and HPB!!
> Frank

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