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Election Campaign Papers

May 14, 2008 01:37 PM
by prmoliveira


In the informative website

you have included the text of circular letters by both Radha Burnier 
and Betty Bland, as well as Govert Schuller's analysis of the election 
process, under the heading "Election Campaign Papers".  

In view of the fact that Elvira Carbonell's letter was sent out to 
members of the General Council on 19 December 2007, a day after the 
election process formally started, on 18 December 2007, with the 
International Secretary, Mary Anderson, sending out the official call 
for nominations to all General Council members, would it not be in 
place for the text of Carbonell's letter, which Govert has kindly 
provided in the link below, without any added comments, to be included, 
in chronological order on the website mentioned above, and under the 
heading "Election Campaign Papers"?

The above is, of course, just a suggestion.


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