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Re: Fanatics: a philosophical view

Sep 22, 2004 10:32 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Perry Coles" <perrycoles@y...> 

> Pedro is it even possible for you to engage in a debate / 
> over this issue on this group.


If you look in the archives you will see that I have done that, 
several times. I have even presented evidence, for example, that in 
1886 both HPB and Master K.H., in the same letter, addressed CWL as 
a Chela! And I don't mind that that particular post was basically 
ignored. It is part of the dynamic of a discussion list.

I have also said, more than once, that I don't speak for the Adyar 
TS. My participation here is as an individual, not as a 
representative of anything.

I am sorry that you seem to have taken my post personally. It was 
genuinely meant as a philosophical reflection and not aimed at you 
or anyone on this list. 

BTW, your post gives me an opportunity to correct the Santayana 
quote. It should read:

"A fanatic is a man who redoubles his efforts after he has forgotten 
his aim".

Best wishes,


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