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Reading the same books over and over

Sep 23, 2004 00:05 AM
by nhcareyta

Paul, in your posting
talk/message/18911 you wrote in part:
>"BUT reading the same kinds of books or the same exact books over 
and over accomplishes nothing for me and I >don't get positive vibes 
from those who do so."
This may be true of some books, however people often report to me 
that re-reading the same book a couple of years after the previous 
occasion brings them greater understanding and deeper insight. This 
reminds me of a comment made by Joy Mills some 12 years ago after she 
had been studying and lecturing in the Secret Doctrine and Mahatma 
Letters for 50 years. In paraphrase she said she now felt she was 
really coming to terms with some of the Doctrine's concepts. At that 
time, her knowledge of the Secret Doctrine could fairly be described 
as formidable. 
>From this, it would appear there may be more in the Secret Doctrine 
and Mahatma Letters at least than first meets the eye of knowledge; 
the heart of understanding perhaps?

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