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Re: Fanatics: a philosophical view

Sep 23, 2004 00:21 AM
by Perry Coles

Can some official statement of policy be given to the members on this 
group not by yourself necessarily but by the Adyar TS.
That can reassure potential members and current members that ALL 
teachers and teachings
of the TS can indeed be challenged and debated in Official 
publications as part of its commitment to freedom of expression.
If such a request where to be drafted can you tell me who it would 
be best to send it to in order to get a reply that want be ignored 
but rather addressed directly and officialy.

My actual question was not whether CWL was or wasn't an initiate.
(although that is a question that needs to be addressed)
But why does it seem neither him nor his teachings are able to be 
challenged directly by students in the official publication of the 
Adyar TS.
I really want to hear the official statement and addressing of this 

I don't mind "redoubling efforts' for the principle freedom of 
thought and expression.
(my aim)
Sorry if it comes across as badgering its not coming from that 
I simply want a direct answer.


--- In, "prmoliveira" <prmoliveira@y...> 
> --- In, "Perry Coles" <perrycoles@y...> 
> wrote:
> > Pedro is it even possible for you to engage in a debate / 
> discussion 
> > over this issue on this group.
> Perry:
> If you look in the archives you will see that I have done that, 
> several times. I have even presented evidence, for example, that in 
> 1886 both HPB and Master K.H., in the same letter, addressed CWL as 
> a Chela! And I don't mind that that particular post was basically 
> ignored. It is part of the dynamic of a discussion list.
> I have also said, more than once, that I don't speak for the Adyar 
> TS. My participation here is as an individual, not as a 
> representative of anything.
> I am sorry that you seem to have taken my post personally. It was 
> genuinely meant as a philosophical reflection and not aimed at you 
> or anyone on this list. 
> BTW, your post gives me an opportunity to correct the Santayana 
> quote. It should read:
> "A fanatic is a man who redoubles his efforts after he has 
> his aim".
> Best wishes,
> Pedro

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