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Re: Fanatics: a philosophcal view

Sep 22, 2004 09:57 PM
by Perry Coles

A fanatical mindset would I imagine disallow debate & critical 
discussion of certain teachings and teachers in its publications.
Wouldn't you agree?
My personal reason for resigning from the society was because of the 
Not out of "fanatical" devotion to HPB or the Mahatma's.

I was glad recently to see that an article challenging some concepts 
and statements in the SD came out the Theosophy in Australia magazine.
I personally think that as students of HPB and the Mahatmas writings 
we have an obligation to challenge them if we see find reason to
And to then share debate and discuss it with other students this 
would also include historical matters in the history of the TS.

If the society refuses to apply the same principle to CWL and his 
writings then it is by definition being outrageously hypocritical.
Can't you or anyone else see this absolute clear fault in the society?
Pedro is it even possible for you to engage in a debate / discussion 
over this issue on this group.

You seem to be completely ignoring this matter which involves the 
very principle of freedom of thought and expression.
Freedom of thought statement :

"As the Theosophical Society has spread far and wide over the world, 
and as members of all religions have become members of it without 
surrendering the special dogmas, teachings and beliefs of their 
respective faiths, it is thought desirable to emphasize the fact that 
there is no doctrine, no opinion, by whomsoever taught or held, that 
is in any way binding on any member of the Society, none which any 
member is not free to accept or reject. Approval of its three objects 
is the sole condition of membership. No teacher, or writer, from H.P. 
Blavatsky onwards, has any authority to impose his or her teachings 
or opinions on members. Every member has an equal right to follow any 
school of thought, but has no right to force the choice on any other. 
Neither a candidate for any office nor any voter can be rendered 
ineligible to stand or to vote, because of any opinion held, or 
because of membership in any school of thought. Opinions or beliefs 
neither bestow privileges nor inflict penalties. The Members of the 
General Council earnestly request every member of the Theosophical 
Society to maintain, defend and act upon these fundamental principles 
of the Society, and also fearlessly to exercise the right of liberty 
of thought and of expression thereof, within the limits of courtesy 
and consideration for others."

Please note "freedom of thought and of expression" and 
word "fearlessly"

Genuinely concerned !

--- In, Pedro Oliveira <prmoliveira@y...> 
> "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind, and won't
> change the subject". (Winston Churchill)
> "A fanatic is a man who redoubles his efforts after he
> has lost his aim". (George Santayana)
> Isn't there a little bit of a fanatic within everyone
> of us?
> Pedro
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