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Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 16, 2003 11:26 AM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

> How can, any divine force, - and here the divine force from 
Shamballa (i.e. (Para)Brahman) with its open heart stimulate the 
tyrant in people ? Please explain that.

Simply put, the First Ray of Will-power is the purest and most 
potent form of spiritual energy available to Humanity. Humanity has 
not redeemed its lower nature yet, or raised its vibrations to the 
level of this pure force. Therefore the point of least resistance 
will be Ray One's most materialistic expression in the lower 
chakras. That is why DK has said that the Hierarchy has taken a 
calculated risk or words to that effect, to allow this stimulation 
to occur. As a result Humanity will move very quickly through its 
evolution in this interim period. Heretofore, the Hierarchy have 
acted as a protecting shield to Humanity from the force of 
Shamballa. As I outline in my book The Shamballa Impacts (excuse the 
plug), out of all the 5 impacts *direct* to Humanity in the past 18 
million years, the last three have occurred in the last 200 years! 
Needless to say that there is somewhat of an acceleration process 
occurring. And this is tied up with the karma of this planet being 
a 'laggard' in its spiritual evolution due to the moon chain, and 
the subsequent 'forced' process of evolution through initiation. 
Hope this clarifies...

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