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RE: Theos-World Re: Standard of Truth?

Jan 16, 2003 12:13 PM
by dalval14

Jan 16 2003

Dear Suzanne:

Thanks. Not for myself but for Theosophy.

It is so precious, (to me) and apparently to you too.

But apart from mind understanding it needs expressions -- hidden and
invisible, perhaps -- from the secret planes of our own inner lives.

Knowledge gives power and confirms intuition. But the Power which the
"disciple must covet "is that which will make him appear as nothing in
the eyes of men." LIGHT ON THE PATH -. 4 bottom.

Best wishes,



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From: Suzanne
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 9:33 PM
Subject: Re: Standard of Truth?

Hello Dallas...

I am very grateful to have a chance to tell how much I appreciate
reading your posts over the years... they are like a constant drum
beat (reminder) in my mind, thank you. And, too, I enjoy the ability
you have to "key up" a thought and make it a little more challenging
to consider <she smiles>.

> Those qualities (below enumerated) are to my understanding, indeed
> the best.
> But what are they based on?

I would say, Universal fundamental principles inherent in
Consciousness. Of course, love, peace, truthfulness etc. are
spiritual and invisible, but still, they are the foundation of
everything in life... right down to every atom, right?

> The spiritual nature of everything where there is true equality and
> brotherhood is an expression of this unity. Perhaps "mutual
> tolerance" is one of the best "glues" around.
"Mutual tolerance?" Yes. Funny, "mutual tolerance" sounds less than
grand, but so true.

> I notice that the word "fundamentalist? is again bandied around

Yes.... I have been thinking that over too and I think "fanaticism"
is a the better word <she sez only half in jest>.

DTB	"Fanaticism" seems more reserved to blind believers and apologists
(who are really ignorant, but don't realize this condition is internal
who try to defend (externally) the indefensible. Pure logic and clear
speaking tend to unify and restore harmony. Then we know we are all
speaking the same language (almost).

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