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Re: Theos-World Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 16, 2003 12:32 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi P. Lindsay and all of you,

My views are:
Words can have different meanings. But there most be limits to the spoken
word - in our PRESENT Informations Society.

I think it is horrible, that you - seem - to find Shamballa to be the
driving force behind Hitlers black magic acts !
And that you even call that force divine !
True ?

My view is, that Karma allowed the black magic done by Hitler to happen.
The Masters 'acts' so to speak made it possible for the Hitler facists to
raise to power. But the Masters didn't support their actions ! The Master
keept away for certain reasons, which are known by them and didn't interfer.
And Humanity learnt a lesson.
Agreed ?

I will also question wheather Brahman acts at all, with the ordinary use of
the word 'act' taken in to account.
And that is why Alice A. Bailey is talking nonsense in the quote mentioned
in one of the earlier emails.
(Alice A. Bailey: "The Externalization of the Hierarchy"; p.127, )
The central issue is that Baileys use of words in certain passages of her
books, - TODAY in our present society - are having tendencies to act as a
destructive force, and not as a constructive force spiritually seen.

Those who supports Bailey among the newcomers, are often also those who
supports, a fanatic stance towards the present days Televisions newsflashes
and the newspapers propaganda - against, what is not a western lifestyle.
Try to think that through and the consequences of it.

Presently: USA wants war, and Germany says NO, One wonders why. Anyone ?
Maybe the fake Bailey - masters are up to a new plot - using the Shamballa
force - and using their "Great" Invocation upon the United Nations ! Is this
true ?
What are your views P. Lindsay ?
I can only urge you to reconsider your support for those Bailey-groups who
PRESENTLY acts as very dubious sorcerers near The United Nations buildings.
Many, if not all of them, are wrong in being passive on The Middle East
issues, or by their passiveness not supporting peace.

I deny, that any force named "divine" honestly can support black magic.
The motive will always be unselfish in its nature.
Words in emails are not the best to use, when are dealing with these issues.

Is it so, that if I am a influential politician, and together with some
other countries starts a war, then I can just claim, that it is Shamballas
divine force which is behind me ? And if am from a western country, I will
be sure to find support to my claim ?

Have you ever wondered why the appr. muslims and their sufi
teaching are not really mentioned in the books written by Bailey or
'dictaed' by what som dare call a MASTER ?
Have you ever deeply consider the consequences of this ?

M. Sufilight...let there be peace on earth...

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> > How can, any divine force, - and here the divine force from
> Shamballa (i.e. (Para)Brahman) with its open heart stimulate the
> tyrant in people ? Please explain that.
> Simply put, the First Ray of Will-power is the purest and most
> potent form of spiritual energy available to Humanity. Humanity has
> not redeemed its lower nature yet, or raised its vibrations to the
> level of this pure force. Therefore the point of least resistance
> will be Ray One's most materialistic expression in the lower
> chakras. That is why DK has said that the Hierarchy has taken a
> calculated risk or words to that effect, to allow this stimulation
> to occur. As a result Humanity will move very quickly through its
> evolution in this interim period. Heretofore, the Hierarchy have
> acted as a protecting shield to Humanity from the force of
> Shamballa. As I outline in my book The Shamballa Impacts (excuse the
> plug), out of all the 5 impacts *direct* to Humanity in the past 18
> million years, the last three have occurred in the last 200 years!
> Needless to say that there is somewhat of an acceleration process
> occurring. And this is tied up with the karma of this planet being
> a 'laggard' in its spiritual evolution due to the moon chain, and
> the subsequent 'forced' process of evolution through initiation.
> Hope this clarifies...
> P.
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