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RE: Theos-World Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 17, 2003 05:06 AM
by dalval14

Jan 16 2003

Dear Friends:

Looking at this response I would suggest we could consider that which
the Masters and H P B have offered as a philosophy.

The tendency to use names and labels as a basis for authority should
bow before the logic and impersonality of the PHILOSOPHY of THEOSOPHY.

No claims of any kind have validity. The use and value of any
proposition in its claim to excellence, will be found to exist only in
its adherence to the scheme that harmonizes all discords.

I regard to the suggestion that a spiritual force impels or suggests a
vicious usage, I would say:

It does not.

There are three avenues or lines of evolution (see S D I 181
Spiritual, Intellectual, Material.--)

Ancient Indian scriptures, such as the BHAGAVAD GITA (Chapters 13, 14
17) state there are 3 Gunas (or principal qualities) that combine to
form all Nature, and every being in it has a portion of those:

1. PURITY (or Truth and Universal Spirit -- Sattva),

2. ACTIVITY ( Rajas, or desire, passion, thought, all actins), and,

3. INERTIA (Tamas, or the material forms -- characterized by
selfishness, isolation, mean, deceitful, and vicious tendencies.)

At a glance one can determine each quality and its actions.

No quality can "act" without the other two being present. And yet
after describing these, Krishna, the Divine, the Universal MAN states
"I establish this whole Universe with a portion of myself, and remain
separate, unaffected."

In other words, looking at the present, solely from the material point
of view, the whole of the manifested, continually changing and
evolving universe, and every portion or component thereof, so long as
it considers itself a unit apart from the rest is in error, and only
when it finally, by self-effort, unites itself with the rest ( by
practising wilful and attentive brotherhood in all ways ) its
comprehension of that ultimate UNITY, spiritualizes and reduces any
evil or vicious tendencies to nothing.

See if that is of help as a general idea,

Best wishes,



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From: Phillip L
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

> How can, any divine force, - and here the divine force from
Shamballa (i.e. (Para)Brahman) with its open heart stimulate the
tyrant in people ? Please explain that.

Simply put, the First Ray of Will-power is the purest and most
potent form of spiritual energy available to Humanity. Humanity has
not redeemed its lower nature yet, or raised its vibrations to the
level of this pure force. Therefore the point of least resistance
will be Ray One's most materialistic expression in the lower
chakras. That is why DK has said that the Hierarchy has taken a
calculated risk or words to that effect, to allow this stimulation
to occur. As a result Humanity will move very quickly through its
evolution in this interim period. Heretofore, the Hierarchy have
acted as a protecting shield to Humanity from the force of
Shamballa. As I outline in my book The Shamballa Impacts (excuse the
plug), out of all the 5 impacts *direct* to Humanity in the past 18
million years, the last three have occurred in the last 200 years!
Needless to say that there is somewhat of an acceleration process
occurring. And this is tied up with the karma of this planet being
a 'laggard' in its spiritual evolution due to the moon chain, and
the subsequent 'forced' process of evolution through initiation.
Hope this clarifies...

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