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RE: Theos-World on our toes

Jan 05, 2003 04:31 AM
by dalval14

Jan 5 2002

Dear Mic:

Did you see the following? Posted yesterday ?



Jan 4 2003

Dear Friends:

The question really revolves about the idea that JOINING SOME GROUP,

Theosophy and the Masters of Wisdom have demonstrated at every step
that it is unsectarian and universal in scope. But this said, one has
to set about to prove it.

Lets start with the proposition that no one owns TRUTH.

History as fact is invariable. Apologists later may seek to
explain the supposed motives for choices and events.

Theosophy makes only one claim and that is: it presents in a
condensed form the HISTORY of evolution and of the qualities and
potentials that underlie this continuing event.

Its doctrines are the result of careful investigations and resting by
generations of students and scholars -- so that their accuracy might
only be made available for consideration. ( S D I 272-3)

Truth is fact and independent of anyone or anything.

The Masters of WISDOM, by definition, are the most advanced students
and knowers of facts and truths we know of. (S D I 272-3 )

They claim they were present when the evolutionary thrust began. They
also say we were there but we were in relatively inexperienced stage
of our
development. They state that Nature preserves a complete record in
the AKASA of all the events that they offer, so that we may verify
them when we acquire the power to read in the Akasa.

All that we know of Theosophy has come though H P B as Their
Messenger. But, we cannot adopt any specific attitude unless we,
through study, are prepared to explain this fully.

Where do we contact Them? I say: In our own HIGHER SELF -- (the 6th
and 7th Principles -- ATMA and BUDDHI, present in every human, as well
as everywhere, in every being, in every "atom" in Nature.)
This is named the MONAD.

Every Monad is potentially a "Higher Self" advancing as an immortal
Pilgrim through the experiences of the whole vast Universal

We as humans, one of those Monads, are mid-way. Our minds give
access to the Material and to the Spiritual sides of life.
We are therefore endowed as free-willed beings with the capacity to

A study of the virtues and the vices and their relation to
universal law as it operates in nature is essential. This is what
Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Zoroaster, Hermes, Pythagoras, Plato, and all
great Sages and reformers taught and now teach.

The clue is that wisdom and true knowledge always enlarges and
universalizes. Any time one finds restrictions made or claimed, one
can be sure that the claims or statements are not accurate. The
nature of the flaw has to be determined by the student-enquirer.

They, the MASTERS, are Universal. And "They" are the "property" of no
creed or sect.

The (or any) THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, if it claims to be the sole channel
to the Masters, is in error. No one who proclaims this can prove it.

I would challenge any one to advance written proof of the Masters, or
of H P B, stating, unequivocally, that the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY is
such a sole channel.

Many statements are made concerning the value of the THEOSOPHICAL
SOCIETY but mere membership or adherence to it gives no one any
special advantages. This will be found to be the basis made for every
sect or creed -- some special favor or advantage -- illogical and

We can demonstrate that for ourselves, if we desire to find out by
reading what They have written. Use the MAHATMA LETTERS. Thousands
of articles and books have been published illustrating various
Theosophical "truths," or "Laws," more or less correctly. In the
final analysis every student decides for themselves what is useful and

Theosophy like mathematics has a logic that runs through it and makes
it coherent -- we have to seek that and apply it to anything we read
or study. But we have to do the work using our Higher Principles and
Higher Mind in that work.

If you take my assurance as correct, then you can be making the error
of choosing me as an :"authority." I am not. I merely say you can
find out for yourself. Then, you become the authority for what you
know or have reasoned out. Truth is a common factor, and is shared
and participated in by all -- no exclusions. None of us are in any
better position by mere membership..

Theosophy is self-proving, and the Masters demonstrate this in
everything they have written.

Best wishes,



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From: Mic
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 11:29 PM
Subject: Be on our toes

--- "Daniel H. Caldwell <>"

> • There Is No Religion Higher Than Truth:
> Developments in The
> Theosophical Society by E.L. Gardner

The above link which Daniel recently posted is where
the below quote was obtained from.

"The Ancient Wisdom Stands

That The Theosophical Society's work and reputation
suffered seriously is unquestionable. These mistakes
wrought great havoc, the end of which is not yet. But
what has the founding of a church or the supposed
Coming of a World Teacher to do with Theosophy? The
basic principles are unaffected by such events. The
three Fundamental Propositions of the Proem is the
first volume of The Secret Doctrine and the ideals
expressed in The Mâhatmâ Letters remain untouched.
Theosophists are said to have as bond of union a
common search and aspiration for Truth. We must, then,
like the research scientist, be prepared to go
wherever Truth shall lead, even to the most unexpected
and surprising conclusions. An open mind is essential.
We do not believe statements because some exalted
person made them-nor because they are written in some
scripture. Everything has to be brought to the bar of
reason, common-sense and experience. Yet an open mind
should not be an empty or vacant mind . It is
perfectly consonant with firm convictions, provided we
are ready to modify them in the light of any future
knowledge that may come to us. Truth can be neither
confirmed nor falsified by what we happen to think. If
an idea is true, disbelief will not make it untrue; if
it is not true, the sincere belief of millions cannot
turn fancy into fact."

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