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on our toes

Jan 04, 2003 11:28 PM
by Mic Forster

--- "Daniel H. Caldwell <>" 

> • There Is No Religion Higher Than Truth: 
> Developments in The 
> Theosophical Society by E.L. Gardner

The above link which Daniel recently posted is where
the below quote was obtained from. This quote merely
reiterates the point I have recently been stressing to
Dallas and Etzion: we must remain vigilent and on our
toes at all times.

"The Ancient Wisdom Stands

That The Theosophical Society’s work and reputation
suffered seriously is unquestionable. These mistakes
wrought great havoc, the end of which is not yet. But
what has the founding of a church or the supposed
Coming of a World Teacher to do with Theosophy? The
basic principles are unaffected by such events. The
three Fundamental Propositions of the Proem is the
first volume of The Secret Doctrine and the ideals
expressed in The Mâhatmâ Letters remain untouched.
Theosophists are said to have as bond of union a
common search and aspiration for Truth. We must, then,
like the research scientist, be prepared to go
wherever Truth shall lead, even to the most unexpected
and surprising conclusions. An open mind is essential.
We do not believe statements because some exalted
person made them—nor because they are written in some
scripture. Everything has to be brought to the bar of
reason, common-sense and experience. Yet an open mind
should not be an empty or vacant mind . It is
perfectly consonant with firm convictions, provided we
are ready to modify them in the light of any future
knowledge that may come to us. Truth can be neither
confirmed nor falsified by what we happen to think. If
an idea is true, disbelief will not make it untrue; if
it is not true, the sincere belief of millions cannot
turn fancy into fact."

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