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DNA Cloning Realians Intelligence...!!!

Jan 05, 2003 04:14 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

With the present day 'Soap opera' of the Realians ( ) and their new clones,
and with several governments involved in experiments
on DNA, one wonders - where we are going.

Does anyone know how far the different major governments have reached on the issues
DNA-genome-project, Cloning, Genetic-engineeering, nano-technonoly etc..???

What about the Intelligence Agencies in different countries???
Let us just take: USA, France, Russia, China, India, Germany (today - or maybe since 1945?)

The Elohim (as the Realien 'sect' says: Elohim = "Those who came from the sky ", - of course Theosophy has a more clear picture of this, and that is according to me true.)
I have below done a little research in The Secret Doctrine on that issue of Elohim...

Secret Doctrine vol.1 - p.114:
"Returning to the Commentary (4) of Stanza IV. the reader will understand why, while the trans-Himalayan Chackra has inscribed within it [[diagram]] | [[diagram]] | [[diagram]] (triangle, first line, cube second line, and a pentacle with a dot in the centre thus: [[diagram]], and some other variations), the Kabalistic circle of the Elohim reveals, when the letters of the word [[hebrew]] (Alhim or Elohim) are numerically read, the famous numerals 13514, or by anagram 31415 -- the astronomical (pi) number, or the hidden meaning of Dhyani-Buddhas, of the Gebers, the Geborim, the Kabeiri, and the Elohim, all signifying "great men," "Titans," "Heavenly Men," and, on earth, "the giants." "

The last part about the Elohim's as "the giants" of the earth seems interesting.

Secret Doctrine vol.1 - p.225:

"Man is not, nor could he ever be, the complete product of the "Lord God"; but he is the child of the Elohim, so arbitrarily changed into the singular masculine gender. The first Dhyanis, commissioned to "create" man in their image, could only throw off their shadows, like a delicate model for the Nature Spirits of matter to work upon. (See Book II.) Man is, beyond any doubt, formed physically out of the dust of the Earth, but his creators and fashioners were many. Nor can it be said that the "Lord God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life," unless that God is identified with the "ONE LIFE," Omnipresent though invisible, and unless the same operation is attributed to "God" on behalf of every living Soul -- or Nephesch, which is the vital Soul, not the divine Spirit or Ruach, which ensures to man alone a divine degree of immortality, that no animal, as such, could ever attain in this cycle of incarnation. It is the inadequate distinctions made by the Jews, and now by our Western metaphysicians, who, not knowing of, and being unable to understand, hence to accept, more than a triune man -- Spirit, Soul,

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Science, dimly perceiving the truth, may find Bacteria and other infinitesimals in the human body, and see in them but occasional and abnormal visitors to which diseases are attributed. Occultism -- which discerns a life in every atom and molecule, whether in a mineral or human body, in air, fire or water -- affirms that our whole body is built of such lives, the smallest bacteria under the microscope being to them in comparative size like an elephant to the tiniest infusoria.


[[Vol. 1, Page]] 226 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Body -- thus confuse the "breath of life" with immortal Spirit.* This applies also directly to the Protestant theologians, who, in translating verse 8 of Ch. III. in the Fourth Gospel, have entirely perverted the meaning. Indeed the verse is made to say "The wind bloweth where it listeth," instead of "the Spirit goeth where it willeth," as in the original and also in the translation of the Greek Eastern Church."

So there were more than one creator behind the human being !? Interesting indeeed.

There are more references in The Secret Doctrine on the issue of Elohim.

Feel free to comment or do your best...


M. Sufilight with peace...

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