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Re: Theos-World new to the list/plagiarism

Jan 04, 2003 06:41 PM
by Theo Paijmans

You are right of course, the minute I sent away my email I thought I should
have written "only two people in the 20th century"

Clara Bloomfield Moore's book was published in 1893 and is a mixture of
everything: partly biographical, partly apological, partly a philosophical
treatise on Keely's discoveries, and partly an exposť of his system. Parts of
it were published before at the Theosophical press.

It is an interesting book, but in a historical sense a pity that so much was
left out. All in all, for more than a hundred years this was the only book on
Keely. That is, until Dale Pond published his book (Universal Secrets
Revealed) and my book followed. Dale has done much over the years to keep the
memory of Keely alive.

Kind regards,


"Steve Stubbs " wrote:

> --- In, Theo Paijmans <th.paijmans@w...>
> wrote:
> > Moreover, there are actually only two people who have
> > written books solely devoted to Keely, namely Dale Pond and myself
> So what do you rhink about Bloomfield-Moore's book?

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