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Re: Theos-World new to the list

Jan 04, 2003 12:05 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Theo Paijmans wrote:
> Why were the letters eh added to the presumed alias of Bridgitte 
> Muehlegger (and Brian Muehlbach)?

They are both apparently the same person, who seem(s) to be dedicated
to convincing people on this list to stop being Theosophists. 

Brigitte was thrown off the list for, essentially, being a troll (an
internet term; if you are not familiar with it, look at:
and, more appropriately, }

Now, as far as Brian goes, it was a rather thin alias used by Brigitte.
However, in the guise of Brian, he has stopped using the trollish
tactics, and was therefore allowed to stay on the list. However, without
the use of invalid logic, ad hominems, etc., he found himself to be
consistently on the losing side of his arguments, and quit the list.

Nobody knows what his/her problem with Theosophy really is; he/she
steadfastly ignored questions as to why he/she expended so much energy
to convince people that Theosophy was wrong (which I personally think is
unfortunate; maybe if we knew what his her REAL problems were, we might
have actually had an intelligent discourse).


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